It was a great honor to be the chosen subject of the New York Native’s Dec. 23, 1996 edition during a time when gay men and women took on some of the most evil forces unleashed on humankind. This article by Neenyàh Ostrom in the NY Native is a tribute to those brave men and women – especially Charles Ortleb, the Native’s publisher during those turbulent times, who gave the Native its voice.

Nearly a decade later, I exposed Arthur Ashe’s Judas on a Tony Brown’s Journal television segment. He confessed to the deed.

 The article also gives in-depth information on the nature and workings of the virus that was accused of nearly wiping out America’s gay community. Some of those innovators for good were: Ortleb, Duesberg, Callen, Kramer, Ostrom and Strecker and many, many others who gave new meaning to noble behavior in light of such unethical and moral failure of the AIDS industry. The December 1996 article is about a dangerous deception of public trust at its best.

America’s leaders failed us, en masse.

An American Hero: Journalist Tony Brown Is A Thorn In The "AIDS" Establishment's Side

By Neenyàh Ostrom, December 23, 1996

Among prominent African Americans, Tony Brown is the only one to speak out about the dangers of AZT, other toxic anti-"AIDS" drugs, and the consequences of simply believing everything federal health authorities tell the public about the epidemic.

Author, columnist, and host of talk shows on both radio and television, Tony Brown is one of the very, very few individuals in, the Black community who has questioned the government's assertion that all HIV-positive people should take AZT and other, even more toxic drugs. Brown also questions whether HIV is the sole cause of "AIDS"; in his writings and on his talk shows, Brown has urged people to think for themselves, wrench control of their health back from the bureaucracy that is attempting to mandate health care and, above all, to question, question, question.

As a result of his refusal to urge African Americans to be tested for the "AIDS virus" and to take toxic chemicals if they test positive, Brown has been, according to our sources, identified as a major problem in controlling the behavior of Black Americans.

The Native has learned, in fact, that at the "AIDS" policy meeting, to which Brown was  not invited, held by Black leaders at Harvard in October 1996, Brown was singled out as an impediment to educating African Americans about "AIDS" and convincing them not to take AZT and future generations of toxic drugs. Brown single-handily derailed a government-sponsored propaganda conference on AIDS in Aspen, Colorado.

Brown is not a physician.  He does not advise people on how to manage their health, or what drugs to take or avoid taking. The message that he broadcasts over and over again is: Think for yourself. Make your own, informed decisions regarding your own health.

That Brown would be considered a "problem" by these Black leaders, as sources have alleged, appears to be yet another indication that, where the epidemic is concerned, there is no free speech.

Brown has worked as a journalist—in print, on radio, and on television—for three decades. His television show, Tony Brown’s Journal, is PBS's longest-running series, now in its 25th year. It frequently offers specific programs on alternative health issues such as AIDS that are ignored by the media.

In his highly successful book Black Lies, White Lies (William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1995), Brown addresses many controversial areas in race relations in the United States, including affirmative action, the impact of the Black vote on national elections, how African Americans can achieve financial independence, how fear between Black and White people can be fought, and many others.

Among the most controversial topics Brown discusses, however, is "AIDS," both with respect to how it is affecting African Americans, and how he fears it will affect the world population in the near future because of the lies that have been told about it. Brown briefly explains his concerns about "AIDS" in Chapter 7:

“In this chapter and the next, I want to address my fear for the lives of all mankind, a fear of death from what I have come to think of as the biological equivalent of the devastating nuclear accident in Chernobyl.  We have not been told the truth about this biological threat. And what we don't know may kill us. After years of examining this issue and after conducting dozens of interviews with scientists and medical experts on my PBS television series, I have concluded that "AIDS" is a scientifically dishonest construct and, as exemplified in the death of my friend [tennis champion] Arthur Ashe, the lies that we have been told make it all the more deadly.

“You will notice that throughout this chapter and the next, I do not mention "AIDS" without enclosing it in quotation marks. I do that to make a point: "AIDS" is still an unknown quantity. A growing number of people do not accept the theory that "AIDS" is caused solely by the humanimmunodeficiency virus (HIV). I am among those who think it is a lie....”

In his chapters about "AIDS," Brown expresses great concern about the toxicity of the standard "AIDS" treatment, AZT. He quotes Berkeley microbiologist Dr. Peter Duesberg as pointing out, "With AZT you have to kill 499 uninfected cells every time you want to kill an infected cell. That's what's called an extremely high toxicity index. That is, if you want to get one criminal, you shoot five hundred people."

In a chapter titled "Bad Medicine," Brown writes, "I will explain to you how I have come to believe that the U.S. government has lied to the American public and the world about the true nature of 'AIDS.' And I will offer you my theory that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its 'AIDS' complex—including the two most nefarious units of propaganda, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—are scamming the American taxpayer out of billions of dollars each year."

According to Brown, "The bureaucrats generate billions of dollars from royalty payments for patenting the so-called 'AIDS' test. They have approved a 'treatment' (AZT) that thirty years ago was considered so deadly that it was taken off the market. And they have been selling an 'AIDS test' that renders false' positives an estimated 20 to 50 percent of the time in the United States."

Brown has lost at least two friends to what he considers to be AZT poisoning: tennis great Arthur Ashe and singer Michael Callen.

About Ashe, Brown wrote: “The last time I saw my friend Arthur Ashe alive was on October 19, 1996. Ashe, a former Wimbledon tennis champion who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion, appeared with nutrition expert Gary Null as my guest for a taping of a segment of Tony Brown's Journal entitled "The AIDS Cover-Up."

“Arthur's last words to me on that program, which was the last time I saw him alive, were in defense of AZT, the chemical therapy for HIV infections and ‘AIDS.’ He obviously wanted to believe that the drug prolonged life, but he was plagued by doubt.

“I have no such doubts about AZT And I think AZT is implicated in the deaths of untold others,” Brown said.

Brown points out in his book that he has produced more national televisions programming on “AIDS” than any other source, and that the programs “have brought a greater viewer response than any others I have done."

"My opinions differ greatly from the propaganda put out by the medical establishment," Brown writes. "Most of those in the 'AIDS' industry do not welcome challenges to their doctrine. But I have challenged them and will continue to do so.... Victims of 'AIDS,' in particular, have responded to my challenges to the medical establishment. Many of them realize that they have been victimized as much by lies as by some insidious viral disease.” There was no viral epidemic. There was a targeted drug assault on specific Black people that often resulted in widespread death.

One of those people was singer and "AIDS activist" Michael Callen, who told Brown, "I firmly believe that AZT not only does not extend life but, in many cases, shortens life. We [gay men] blew it. We've murdered our own people," Callen said.

Brown fears, he told me, that Black leaders are now committing the same potentially deadly error in crafting their "AIDS" policies to conform with the government's recent pronouncement that "AIDS" is now primarily a disease of African Americans.

When AZT was first approved - for use as an "AIDS" drug, "AIDS" activists agitated for free AZT for every diagnosed person. Now that the even more toxic protease inhibitor cocktails have been approved for use in HIV-positive people—and, recently, said to have no positive effect unless administered in the first six months following infection, when the person is perfectly healthy -- "AIDS activists" are lobbying the government and drug companies to reduce the already expensive prices of the new poisons. Fortunately, I now have empirical evidence about AIDS that refutes the government’s claims in the 80s.

Isn't there anyone else in this community brave enough to join him?  It seems that the promoters of these government policies have an obsession that stems from their pro-government stance that ignores many of the objective facts about AIDS. This political use of the AIDS disease begins with the fact, according to Dr. Peter Duesburg of the University of California at Berkley, who told me on my television show that “never has a single virus caused 29 different diseases.” Therefore, without HIV, these diseases go by their old names. With HIV present, promoters of the incomplete AIDS theory call these old diseases “AIDS.”

It is Tony Brown’s opinion that “AIDS” is a political statement not a medical fact by any means. In any case, Dr. Duesburg, the #1 virologist in the world, along with Brown, both believe that Brown’s friend, Ashe, and millions of other Americans, at the least, were very likely duped by the “AIDS” virus theory at the hands of the federal government and aided and abetted by a majority of the nation’s Black leaders.


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