Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highlights Captured on Tony Brown's Journal -- April 2 -- April 6.

April 2 – TBJ #1002 – Martin Luther King’s Torment – In his book, “Bearing The Cross,” Dr. David Garrow has explained what The New York Times calls the sacred and the profane aspects of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life. Did, as author David Garrow claimed, Dr. King have a death wish?

April 3 – TBJ #2301 – “Reflections On Martin Luther King, Jr.” -- In commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr., this program highlights Dr. King’s contributions through archival footage and interviews with some of his closest associates.

April  4 – TBJ #2702– “Tony Brown's Essay On Martin Luther King" -- In an innovative program celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, Tony Brown personally shares his historic and intimate experience as the coordinator of the “Walk To Freedom” civil rights march in Detroit on June 23, 1963, the largest civil rights march in history. Brown’s essay is a story of truth, vision, courage and transformation as well as his personal friendship with Dr. King.

APRIL 5 – TBJ #2006 – Did Carlos Kill Martin Luther King? – Part 1 – Was or is there a man who was or is a shadowy gunrunner who was James Earl Ray’s control in an alleged conspiracy to murder Martin Luther King, Jr.? Is there a man described as a Latin accented native of Portugal who lived in the north eastern part of the United States? Was there a Black informant named Copper Head close to Martin Luther King who was a popular Democrat legislator? These and many more questions will be asked and answered by William Pepper, author of “Orders To Kill.”

APRIL 6 – TBJ #2007 – Did Carlos Kill Martin Luther King? – Part 2 -- What evidence moved a congressional body – The House Select Committee on Assassinations – in 1978 to conclude that indeed a conspiracy had been behind King’s death? Was James Earl Ray working for a St. Louis area group of White supremacists who offered $50,000 to have King assassinated?  These and many more questions will be addressed by William Pepper, author of “Orders To Kill.”