Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have not received my subscriber login credentials via email?

If you have purchased a subscription and have not received the email with your login information, then please check your email spam box.  It is possible that your email account accidentally placed the email from us in that folder.  If you do not see the email in your spam box, then please try the forgot password function underneath the login box here.  You should receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.  If your email is not on file, then it is possible that there was a problem with your purchase.  Please check your Paypal account to ensure that you were actually charged for a subscription.  If there is no charge in your account, then please retry purchasing a subscription.  If you do see a charge and do not have any email in your inbox or spambox, then please proceed with contacting support and we will assist you.

I am having trouble logging into the site.  What am I doing wrong?

The most common issue that happens with our subscribers is that they have the login links confused.  We have a login link to access the video portion of, and we have a login link to access the control panel for the Learn and Earn Affiliate Program.  Please distinguish between the two links:

Login link to view videos (in the navigation bar titled Subscriber Login):

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept any credit card or payment that is accepted through Paypal.  All payments must be made through Paypal.  This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  Please keep in mind that a Paypal account is NOT required in order to make your payment through Paypal.  There will be a guest option to checkout once you reach that screen in the checkout process.

If you choose to pay by check through Paypal, it is possible that your subscription to will not become active until your e-check clears through Paypal.  This clearing process can take 2 to 3 business days.  Therefore, we recommend using a credit or debit card.

Do I need internet access in order to become a subscriber?

Yes, in order to view the Tony Brown's Journal programs, you will need a reliable internet connection with ample bandwidth allowances.  Video is very memory intensive when it streams.  Therefore, it is advised that your internet plan has an unlimited bandwidth allowance in order to avoid overage charges.  Please check with your internet provider for more information on streaming video using your internet plan.

Can I watch the videos on this site through my phone or mobile device?

The videos on this website are formatted to be compatible with most every mobile device on the market.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility, but we have thoroughly tested the videos on Android smartphones, iPhones, and other mobile devices such as iPads.  Please make sure that your smartphone is connected to your wifi source prior to video playback in order to avoid using your cell phone data plan.  Most cell phone plans offer limited data bandwidth, so it is best to conserve your mobile data and stream the video through your wifi network to your phone.

Can I play the videos on this site through my TV?

Play Tony Browns Journal on TV

Above: Using iPhone 5 to Apple TV Device to TV

This is a challenging question to answer, as there are many different types of televisions and computers on the market.  Therefore, the basic answer to this question is that it depends on the technology that you own.  Here are some known ways of playing Tony Brown's Journal on your TV:

1)  Computer to TV:  Make sure that you have a desktop computer or a laptop with an internet connection and also a TV output.  Your TV must then accept the cable from the TV output on your computer.  You must then set your TV to the appropriate input of which your computer is connected.

2)  Smartphone to TV: is compatible with most smartphones.  Many smartphones have the capability of being connected to a TV using a special cable. (please refer to your smartphone instruction manual)  If you then access using your smartphone web browser and set it to output the video through the cable to your TV, then you will be able to play the programs on your TV.  Please ensure that you have ample bandwidth available on your smartphone plan.  It is highly recommended that you have unlimited bandwidth on your smartphone plan to stream video in this manner.  In most instances, you can connect your smartphone to your home wifi network, access using the phone's web browser, and then stream the video to your TV using the special cable.  By connecting your smartphone to your home's wifi network, you should be able to avoid using data bandwidth from your cell phone plan, but rather from your home internet plan.  In most cases, home internet plans have higher bandwidth allowances than smartphone plans.  This will also work if you have an iPad connected to your TV.

3)  iPhone, iPad, Apple computer or Macbook Laptop to Apple TV Device to TV:  Our favorite way of streaming episodes to our TV's is by using Apple wireless technology.  An iPhone can be used with a special video output adaptor that will run an HDMI connection to your TV.  If the programs are accessed using the iPhone web browser while the cable is connected, then they should playback with ease on your TV.  Another method you can use is Apple Airplay or screen mirroring technology to wireless stream video from your  iPhone, iPad, Apple computer, or Macbook laptop to your Apple TV component, which will then send the video to your TV for playback.

My subscription was cancelled and I do not understand why!

If your subscription was cancelled by someone other than yourself, then it could be for a variety of reasons.  One common reason is that your credit card that you have attached to your subscription to became expired during your subscription.  Therefore, it is crucial to keep  your payment details up to date inside of your Paypal account.  Another possibility is that a moderator may have proactively cancelled your subscription.  We expect our subscribers to remain respectful and polite when communicating via our Facebook commentary section on each program video.    One other possibility is that you were caught violating our legal policies.  Please refer to our privacy policy, membership terms and service and our website terms of use documentation to ensure that you remain inside our subscriber guidelines.

Are all of the Tony Browns Journal programs available for viewing through this website?  

Currently, there are nearly 600+ programs that have been converted to digital.  There will be nearly 1,000 Tony Brown's Journal programs available to stream on this website once we are completely finished with the video conversion process.

What is the playback quality of the programs?

We have invested significant time, capital, and energy into converting and restoring the Tony Brown's Journal series.  It is important to remember that some of these episodes were recorded in the 1970's.  Therefore, the original master films of these programs had aged significantly.  Additionally, the video resolutions of film from earlier generations was not as crisp and clean as modern day film.  However, we have taken the converted video footage and put it through a double pass encoding process in order to create the best possible video quality for playback through this website.  There are some programs that may have occasional flicker or choppiness, as that may have been the best playback that we could produce when considering the age and condition of the original program master film.  If for some reason a certain program video on this site does not meet basic guidelines for playback (such as video/audio voice syncing), then we would appreciate it if you reported that video by clicking here.  We can then reattempt the conversion process for that video to possibly improve the video playback quality.

Can I download the programs from for playback while not connected to the internet?

No, the videos will only play while streaming through the internet to your computer or mobile device.  The videos on this site are not able to be downloaded to your computer.

Can I book Tony Brown for a public appearance or speaking engagement?

Please click here and complete the information on the form to submit a request. We will process your request and get back to you as quickly as possible to confirm your request. Please keep in mind that Tony's schedule fills up quickly. We will do the best we can to accommodate your request.