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The Tuskegee Airmen – Pt. 3: Jim Crow’s Graveyard


The Tuskegee Airmen -- Part 3 – Jim Crow’s Graveyard. Shooting down #German airplanes, rather than effectively carrying out the assigned duties of close ground support and bomber escort, emerged as the criterion for ...

Tuskegee Airmen – Part 2: The Enemy Within


Criticism of the 99th's overseas combat record was instantaneous and virulent. After only a few months in combat, the Commander of the 12th Air Support Command assailed the performance of the Black pilots.  "Officers ...

Tuskegee Airmen — America’s Black Eagles


The pilots of America’s WWII armed forces were highly skilled flyers who became the stars of war stories and the ingredients of legends.   These pilots were and are the first line of defense, the protectors of our fl...

Gen. Frank E. Petersen: A Real Tough Guy


A profile in the courage of Frank E. Petersen, the first Black general to wear Marine Green. Guest: General Frank E. Peterson (302)

Matthew Henson: The Final Step


Dr. Allen Counter, Harvard professor, and explorer has discovered the Eskimo descendants of North Pole discoverers Matthew Henson and Robert E. Peary. Dr. Counter talks about Black Igloo, his recent work tracing the A...

Benjamin Banneker: Truth to Power


Imagine being Black in the 1700s and becoming a self-taught surveyor who played a pivotal role in planning the layout of our nation’s capitol and inventing a clock in 1753. In 1791 alone, Benjamin Banneker completed t...

Lionel Hampton: A Grace Note


Musician extraordinaire Lionel Hampton died on August 31, 2002, at the age of 94. This program chronicles his legacy as a musician, statesman, humanitarian and close friend of the Bush family. Tony Brown also remember...

Southern Slavery, Northern Lies


The second installation of modern New England journalists who exposed the North’s hidden history as a slave region. They also address king cotton and the legal and illegal slave trade. Journalist and co-author of Comp...

Slavery’s Biggest Secret


New England journalist and co-author of Complicity Anne Farrow exposes how the North rewrote the history of U. S. slavery to blame the South and hide its insidious role in the perpetuation of slavery. Was the first co...

Dr. Wyatt Walker & The Music Tree


Parts I & II. The revered Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, aide to MLK and university scholar, musically demonstrates with a 100-member choir how Black Americans wrote their true history in musical notes and explains how Bl...