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This makes Tony Brown's Journal an excellent worldwide instrument for cultural diversity because it is a healing tool that can cure American history’s propensity for racism. The content of this re-born Emmy-nominated collection (1968-2008) is so unbelievable and rare that one archivist has identified this one-of-a-kind Phoenix bird that is rising out of the ashes as “the most complete and thoughtful record of African-American opinion.”


The website is a resurrection of 40 years of broadcast excellence and hundreds of titles of professional-grade content with high-production values from Tony Brown’s Journal, America’s “#1-rated talk/educational TV series” (circa 1968-2008), that covers African-American history with legends such as Martin Luther King and Elijah Muhammad. Included also are über historians such as Dr. Chancellor Williams/“The Destruction of Black Civilization” and J. A. Rogers.

denzel washington when chickens came home to roostOther historic figures on www.TonyBrownsJournal.com are Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Carter G. Woodson, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker and Alex Haley (“Roots”); WWII heroes such as The Tuskegee Airmen (“The Black Eagles,” a feature-length docudrama); the history of the first 75 years of the NAACP (“The Longest Struggle,” a two-hour docudrama); ancient history; Colin L. Powell; Gen. Chappie James; gospel music (Dr./Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker); popular music (Lionel Hampton, Art Tatum, Duke Ellington); sports (Arthur Ashe, Jim Brown, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, etc.); health (“Does The AIDS Virus Cause AIDS?”/Dr. Peter Duesberg and Hulda Clark and vibratory therapies); women (Madame C. J. Walker, Angela Davis, C. DeLores Tucker, etc.); race movies (Oscar Micheaux, Lorenzo Tucker); genetics; thought leaders (Minister Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Roy Innis, Charles Rangel, Clarence Thomas); etc.

Tony Brown’s Journal was the first series on national television to break the story on the odious Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment on Black men and the infamous Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. There is also the famous 1974 debate between Dr. Frances Welsing and Dr. William Shockley on the issue of racial supremacy.

Popular stars who were groundbreakers and history makers are also included in the 1,000 iconic TBJ titles: Denzel Washington (as Malcolm X); Bill Cosby; Harry Belafonte; Richard Pryor; Ossie Davis; Ruby Dee; Eubie Blake; George Kirby; Nipsey Russell; Dick Gregory; Lena Horne; Sammy Davis; James Earl Jones; Ben Vereen; Sister Sledge; Linda Hopkins, Melba Moore and hundreds of other celebrities and intellectuals who set records and helped define civilization’s evolutionary path.


All of this historic grandeur and these historic notables secured my choice as “one of the top five U. S. experts on the status of African Americans,” by USA Today. And from that point of expertise, I employed a point of view that seeks only the truth – and it won me the prestigious Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences for doing so.

After all, I was named “Television’s Civil Rights Crusader” by Black Enterprise magazine in a cover story in 1979. My motto was and is “Self-Help” and my call to action is very explicit: “No Black Lies, No White Lies – Only The Truth!”


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