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The Assassin: Exclusive Interview With the Confessed Killer of Malcolm X


This series on Malcolm X features the first televised interview with the only confessed killer of Malcolm X.  In 1981, in an intimate talk with Tony Brown from his cell, Talmadge Hayer explains his motivations and his...

George Kirby Presents King Heroin


In a dramatic performance, the Funny-man and impressionist lays it on the line about the dangers of drugs and his life in prison for drug abuse. The man of many faces and matchless talent performs “King Heroin” as onl...

Who Killed Malcolm X?


Part one of this special series in 1993 on Malcolm X digs deep into the series' archives to retrace 25-years of investigative reporting. Through interviews, rare footage of the slain leader and readings of actual cour...

From Right to Left: The Politics of Glenn Loury


Glenn Loury, the first Black professor of economics at Harvard University and a leading Black conservative, discusses his battle with drugs, his ideological evolution from conservative to independent, and his new book...

Malcolm & Elijah (Denzel Washington)


This performance on Tony Brown’s Journal as Malcolm X (the physical resemblance is stunning) marked the young Denzel Washington’s first appearance on national TV and his first performance before a national audience....

I Didn’t Kill Malcolm X


Tony Brown interviews Talmadge Hayer, the man who, along with Norman Butler and Thomas Johnson, was convicted of assassinating Malcolm X. Hayer asserts that other individuals were involved in the killing and that Butl...

Gold Is Also Black: The Story of a Black Quarterback


Sandy Stephens was the first Black man to play quarterback for the storied University of Minnesota football team. In many ways, he was a forerunner of the athletic quarterbacks in the NFL today, scrambling to extend p...

Has America Had Five Black Presidents?


An investigation of five U. S. presidents who were alleged to have Black ancestry, in J. A. Rogers’ book “The Five Negro Presidents.” (Note: If true, Barack Obama would be the sixth bi-racial American president.) G...

Was Jesus A Radical?


Dr. Obery Hendricks, Jr., a professor of Biblical Interpretation at the New York Theological Seminary, discusses his book, “The Politics of Jesus,” and provides a more radical interpretation of Jesus’ teachings.   292...

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