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This 1989 program features National Football League (NFL) Hall of Famer football player Jim Brown. It has been said by many sports observers that Jim Brown is one of the greatest football players that have ever lived. However, depending on your location around the country, being the greatest football player is highly debatable. This program allowed its viewers to gain an intimate insight into Jim Brown, the man, and his football greatness, in addition to numerous profiles on Jim Brown – all of which were totally unrelated to Jim Brown, the athlete. After viewing this program, the viewer will be able to create their own opinions and conclusions regarding Jim Brown as a man and why his book is entitled “Out Of Bounds."

Some people consider Jim Brown to be the greatest running back in the history of football. Some people say he's the greatest to ever play lacrosse. And while we can spend some time debating that, there's no question he's also one of the most intelligent, outspoken, controversial athletes in any professional sport. And there's no doubt, Jim Brown is very, very tough. But what could lead this strong man and NFL Hall of Famer to tears?