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In this program, Jim Brown states: "We have athletes today that make millions of dollars. You have not one that will truly reinvest in his people. They are enjoying the good life on the bodies of Jackie Robinson, Paul Robeson, and all the blacks who fought in the 50s and 60s to break down the barriers of discrimination to open the doors and they are so afraid to say anything because they're going to lose a Nike commercial. I am definitely going to talk about that as long as I live."

Some people consider Jim Brown to be the greatest running back in the history of football. Some people say he's the greatest to ever play lacrosse. And while we can spend some time debating that, there's no question he's also one of the most intelligent, outspoken, controversial athletes in any professional sport. And there's no doubt, Jim Brown is very, very tough. But what could lead this strong man and NFL Hall of Famer to tears?