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A Multi-Ethnic State In Evolution


U. S. Representative Diane Watson serves the diverse 32nd Congressional District of California, where multiculturalism is a way of life.  Does it work?  Has California learned how various groups can live together with...

Censuring America’s Top Black Leader


Controversy erupted on the pages of the New York Village Voice when it published a letter from civil rights activist Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, pastor of Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem.  In an exclusive int...

Race Preference or Race Help?


Whether justly deserved or not, Ward Connerly has been heavily criticized in the Black community and in some instances branded an Uncle Tom. His views on affirmative action draw the greatest ire from his detractors wh...

Does Culture Trump Race?


According to scientific studies, all humans are 99.9 percent genetically identical.  However, the Atlantic slave trade was based on skin color, which scientists say is determined by only six of 40,000 genes or just on...

Is The Black Vote For Sale?


Rev. Buster Soaries, Pastor of the the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in NJ and John Fund, editorial page writer with The Wall Street Journal discuss allegations of buying Black votes. 1634

The Evolution of Sammy Davis, Jr.


It's 1983 and Sammy Davis reflects on his television interview with me in 1971.   Sammy Davis says, "I’ve survived where other cats would have been down the tubes. A lot of people don’t like themselves. I’ve stopped t...

One-On-One with Lester Thurow — Pt. 2


In Part II of this two-part series on "Making America Work For   U. S.," Dr. Thurow charts his step by step process to eliminate the nation's multi-billion dollar deficit.  One of the highlights of his proposal calls ...

One-On-One with Lester Thurow Pt.1


In a series of specials on "Making America Work For U. S.," host Tony Brown interviews MIT dean and professor Dr. Lester Thurow, author of Head To Head: The Coming Economic Battle.  In his newest book, Dr. Thurow give...

A Star Controversy


In the 1970s, Star Parker was a delinquent teenager, mixed up with crime and drugs.  Life on county aid was far from impoverished - she was able to lounge in her own Jacuzzi, party at Venice Beach, bring in extra inco...

Honor At Last


Tony Brown discusses Black War Veterans finally receive Medals of Honor (1997). Guests: Retired Army Captain Jehu Hunter, President, 92nd Div WWII Assn; and Harry Brown, Master Sgt, 92nd Division.   2002