FBI in Crisis....  Is This The Beginning Of The End For The U. S. Republic?  Partisan Politics Is Tearing America Apart by Tony Brown

In a breathtaking cover story, the May 3, 2018 edition of Time Magazine screamed aloud, “The FBI Is In Crisis. It’s Worse Than You Think.” The article is significant also in the sense that it amplifies the preceding week of coverage on “Hannity,” carried by FOX, the number one-rated cable channel. The liberal treatment of this subject by Time is very close to the conservative approach on FOX’s conservative philosophy. This suggests that this FBI peril may be the last straw – the beginning of the end to US global dominance. Perhaps not, it just might be the early stage of rebuilding the American democracy.

“The Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, will soon release a much-anticipated assessment of Democratic and Republican charges that officials at the FBI interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign. That year-long probe, sources familiar with it tell TIME, is expected to come down particularly hard on former FBI director James Comey, who is currently on a high-profile book tour. It will likely find that Comey breached Justice Department protocols in a July 5, 2016, press conference when he criticized Hillary Clinton for using a private email server as Secretary of State even as he cleared her of any crimes, the sources say. The report is expected to also hit Comey for the way he reopened the Clinton email probe less than two weeks before the election, the sources say.

“The report closely follows an earlier one in April by Horowitz, which showed that the ousted deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, had lied to the bureau’s internal investigations branch to cover up a leak he orchestrated about Clinton’s family foundation less than two weeks before the election. (The case has since been referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C., for potential prosecution.) Another IG report in March found that FBI retaliation against internal whistle-blowers was continuing despite years of bureau pledges to fix the problem. Last fall, Horowitz found that the FBI wasn’t adequately investigating ‘high-risk’ employees who failed polygraph tests.

“Indeed, public support for the FBI has plunged. A PBS NewsHour survey in April showed a 10-point drop–from 71% to 61%–in the prior two months among Americans who thought the FBI was ‘just trying to do its job’ and an 8-point jump–from 23% to 31%–among those who thought it was ‘biased against the Trump Administration.’

“Democrats have questioned the integrity of the bureau as well, with Clinton and her aides claiming Comey and the FBI helped tip the election to Trump. But the biggest difference between past crises and the current one, according to virtually everyone interviewed for this article, is the President. Trump has continually attacked the integrity of the institution and its leaders, alleging not just incompetence but bad faith in the commission of justice. Ronald Hosko, who retired in 2014 after 30 years at the bureau, compares the moment to a wildfire, saying Trump ‘is either the spark that creates the flames, or he’s standing there with a can of gas to stoke the flames.’

“The bureau’s current director, Christopher Wray, recently said his first priority is to ‘try to bring a sense of calm and stability back to the bureau.’ But the FBI is facing one of the greatest tests of its 110 years. In the coming months, it must fix a litany of internal problems, fend off outside attacks on its trustworthiness and pursue investigations touching on a sitting President, at the same time a growing number of Americans are asking themselves: Can we trust the FBI?” (Time Magazine, “The FBI Is In Crisis. It’s Worse Than You Think,” Eric Lichtblau, 5/3/18)

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