What is now called Black History is actually an indispensable fund of knowledge for everyone because it is the history of the origin of all of humanity, notwithstanding the usurpation of modern European and American colonial powers and institutions, which represents the baseline for White supremacy in the U. S.

Black Alkebulan, “The Mother Of Civilization,” not modern Africa, is the homeland of “Lucy,” the first homo sapien ever born, according to the leading archaeologists, is the baseline for the ancestral history of the homo sapien (human) species or sentience on Earth.

Just in case you don’t realize what I am saying, I mean that every human being has an ancestral link to the continent of Alkebulan, which was later renamed Africa.

This evolutionary process of biology and its subsequent migration across the globe has, unfortunately, spread a mass psychological neurosis which has generated an identity crisis with prominent neurotic and psychotic features. At the foundation of this mountain of pathology stands the current strain of today’s preference for light-skin complexion – to the degree that the U. S. Black population voluntarily spends about 97 percent of its gross income with the White population while blaming them for 100 percent of Black failure to become economically equivalent.

In this instance, a success phobia among Blacks prevents racial equality.  It also suggests that racial equality cannot be achieved until the Black population elevates its own consciousness to achieve an awareness of how to use its own resources and to strategically increase the government’s investment in rebuilding the infrastructure of a self-empowered Black community that can help make America first among the world’s economies.

That level of maturity progress and the speed with which it is achieved must come from within Blacks themselves; not all Blacks, of course, and very few Whites embrace this need for Black self-empowerment. Both Blacks and Whites have been psychologically conditioned to depend on the supervision of the fantasies of uber liberalism and a dangerous offspring of altruism, i. e., in short, a fantasy world of illusionary gifts from White paternalism.

In short, “Rise up, you mighty people, accomplish what you will,” as Marcus Garvey commanded.

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