King Taharqa of Kush is depicted in National Geographic leading his queens, as conquerors of ancient Egypt.

These and other ancestral sleeping giants will awaken on February 25, 2016 at 1 P. M. (ET) at Tony Brown’s first webinar to kickoff Black History Month 2016. The event will include a teach-in on The Destruction of Black Civilization, a historical classic that took Dr. Chancellor Williams, a professor of history at Howard University, 25 years to complete.

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Central banks around the world are plagued by paltry growth and unsettled markets, The Wall Street Journal reported on page 1. In other words, the global money system is falling apart.  The government’s Federal Reserve has already made some form of extra income necessary with its “quantitative easing” policy of interest-free money to banks that transferred wealth from middle-class earners to the rich banks and specifically away from the middle-class African Americans (Memphis, Tennessee is a classic example). Under the circumstances, extra income like the $150 each Affiliate of the Affiliate Program receives for every annual subscription he or she secures or $15 for every monthly subscription he or she brings in looks pretty good.

The purpose of my first webinar – self-empowerment – was one of the main editorial strains of a brilliant focus on the solution to the long-standing problem of immature Black nations, beginning in ancient Africa.

While economic power is universally used to build and empower/secure a population in other cultures, it is, at best a weapon of crony capitalism and petty public theft for organized power politics for too many African Americans today.

It is time for African Americans to focus – like a laser – on the character traits of objective reasoning, self-discipline, determination and resilience and to use them as the founding principles of a relevant culture of people who care about their offspring, seek advanced technical skills and wield the transformation of assets into investment profits. College degrees and massive loan debts are not on this must list, but can be helpful if they are accompanied by job skills. Group unity and economic self-empowerment, as articulated by Oxford university-educated Dr. Chancellor Williams, is the light that was previously lit by Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Elijah Muhammad and other Black visionaries from the past within their own cultural and religious environment.

In his book, Dr. Chancellor Williams teaches us about the impact of European colonialism and U. S. slavery up until 1992 when he died. This article and my subsequent webinar picks up the same line of thought in 2016 for advanced thinking on the evolution of like-minded, freedom loving Blacks who share a quest for the racial equality that was prevalent when ancient Black civilizations ruled the world.

Racism or the false theory of White supremacy were not known concepts in the ancient civilizations. Instead, the ancient Black-dominated world was devoid of racism at the time of King Piye’s historic conquest of Egypt, and the fact that his skin was dark was irrelevant.

To be sure, self-empowerment is not a movement born out of any form of racial animosity. That’s why this blog opens with the picture of King Taharqa of Kush and his Queens leading the ancient world as the monarchs of Egypt, the epicenter of civilization at that time.

In the beginning, all homo sapiens (humans) were born with the chromosome composition of today’s Black population of the African continent. Today’s world population is, unfortunately, classified by racialist features and cultural traits in categories that comport with an arbitrary 19th century European theory of White supremacy assignments that assimilated a compatible value system via its religious and educational institutions, primarily. There was no scientific process of empirical documentation of fact in the determination of this pseudo-finding of Black inferiority. Factual evidence was rarely involved in the process, but the theory was offered as the empirical evidence of universal realities that were passed down generationally and to innocent children of all racial backgrounds in subsequent generations. In so doing, humanity poisoned itself with a delusional sense of White supremacy.

The European enslavers who settled the Americas later introduced this heinous tradition to the United States which at that time were only colonies of European nations and greedy royal families.

Racism has since become, through the use of the institutional forces of power in the developed world, the impregnable law of the land throughout the world and the new norm and standard of conduct for most of civilization, including the descendants of the systemically oppressed non-White cohorts themselves.

However, the implementation of this ubiquitous magna carta of White supremacy has driven the entire world to the brink of a psychotic break with reality that has been precipitated by racist doctrine and driven by profit. Moreover, the current cure for this unhealthy pathology, the creation of more economic dependency (political socialism) imposed by the ruling class of crony capitalist parasites who feed on public funds, has led to a chronic state of psychological and economic dependency on a crumbling government structure of fiat currencies, under persistent threats of bankruptcy and economic collapse.

The new age of immature millennials, the next wave of naïve victims, without a memory or knowledge of the past, are doomed to repeat this pathological norm. As a result of their adolescent approach to life and the resultant chase for a more Socialist (something-for-nothing European Stalinist totalitarianism) approach is emerging and has renewed its pre-WWII popularity in the United States.


In his classic, The Destruction of Black Civilization, Dr. Chancellor Williams, eloquently and in expert detail, explains how this catastrophe happened and how Black unity and self-empowerment would solve this predicament.

COMING SOON: Part II: “Where Modern Racism Originated and How It Was Organized Globally and How It Has Weakened The U. S.”

Join Tony Brown’s first webinar to discuss this subject and Dr. Chancellor Williams’ book, The Destruction of Black Civilization, from 1 P. M. – 2 P. M. (ET) on February 25, 2016 (10AM-11AM PST; 12-1PM CST).

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