Tony Brown’s Journal (TBJ) was born in 1968, over four decades ago, because Black people were openly discriminated against in the TV industry. It was created to strike a blow against intolerance against Blacks. In the new millennium, our job is still a matter of opportunity and the preservation of free speech, but on an even broader basis. Tony Brown’s Journal historic video collection contains nearly 1,000 programs that has been described by one archivist as “the most complete and thoughtful record of African-American opinion.”

As the cost of health care escalates and poor diets turn obesity into the new normal, Americans are searching for preventive and alternative methods of treatment, in keeping with Tony Brown’s Journal’s history of presenting cutting-edge ideas.

One such cutting-edge idea of the TBJ series focused on freedom of choice in health care. Various programs offered alternative health protocols long before it became acceptable to the mainstream. For example, I reported on Dr. Peter Duesberg’s theory that HIV alone does not cause what is called -- AIDS to be a plausible as the conventional establishment theory that it does. The public’s health will not benefit from a thought-police nor from the loss of research support that happened to Dr. Duesberg because of his cutting-edge thinking. Many believe that the #1 virologist in the world lost his research grant because he did not follow the “AIDS” movement.

I was almost drummed out of television by medical establishment “officials” about 30 years ago when I introduced alternative health protocols from the late Dr. Hulda Clark to a national television audience. She told the nation about the use of electricity in the treatment of the various forms of cancer.

On a wider front, Dr. Hulda Clark theorized that parasite infection may be the cause of many human diseases. She believed that parasites in conjunction with environmental toxins can cause a variety of human maladies. To rid yourself of parasites, she suggested the use of a zapper, specific herbal preparations, and that you reduce your exposure to toxins.

Virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg emerged as one of the scientific community’s brightest talents when he discovered the viral gene that can cause cancer. And it is during my interview with him (The AIDS Maverick -- TBJ#2306) that Dr. Duesberg shares his research and his controversial stance on the “AIDS” syndrome that nearly destroyed his career.

Dr. Duesberg, renowned virologist and the most vocal critic of the establishment theory that HIV causes AIDS, published a book naming specific drugs as the most potent causal factors of AIDS.  On a special edition of Tony Brown’s Journal Dr. Duesberg and Jon Rappoport, author of AIDS INC. (Human Energy Press) debate a supporter of the Commission's position, Norman Nickens from the National Minority AIDS Council.

During my interview with Dr. Duesberg (“It’s Sex And Drugs -- TBJ #1608”) he discusses his opposition to a questionable report from The National Commission on AIDS characterized the disease as mostly a Black and Hispanic malady and the government hypothesis that a single virus caused what the government calls “AIDS” grew daily and report after report continued to redefine the disease.

Tony Brown’s Journal historic collection of nearly 1,000 videos has nearly 100 health programs that deal with and highlight the AIDS crisis directly as well as related events and personalities in the Black community – including the 4-part AIDS Whistleblower series that highlights Dr. Robert Strecker and his “Strecker Memorandum” are available at

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