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George Kirby Presents King Heroin


In a dramatic performance, the Funny-man and impressionist lays it on the line about the dangers of drugs and his life in prison for drug abuse. The man of many faces and matchless talent performs “King Heroin” as onl...

Black Hollywood: The Way It Was


This four-part version of the 90-minute documentary is about the secret history of race movies. Between 1910 and 1950, over 150 independent film companies were organized for the specific purpose of producing Black-cas...

Who Was Stepin Fetchit?


Who was the real man behind one of Hollywood’s most negative images, Stepin Fetchit? Author Mel Watkins explains that Lincoln Perry was very different from the lazy, bug-eyed buffoon on screen. (2905)

The Legacy of Race Movies


Before Hollywood discovered the diverse talents of Black actors and directors, African American audiences were flocking to theaters to see low-budget, Black-produced films called “race” movies. These rare and mostly-f...

A Filmmaker’s Look at Ralph Bunche


Dr. Ralph Bunche, renowned United Nations statesman and Nobel Prize winner, is the subject of this discussion with Emmy award-winning filmmaker William Greaves. (2402)

The Devil’s Advice — Part II


Educator Dr. Joe Cornelius once again shares his insightful talent as he weaves the tale of a young man struggling against the odds. In “The Devil & Leroy Jones,” Dr. Cornelius imbues his performance with a messag...

The Historic “Hats” of Black History – Part 1


Educator Dr. Joe Cornelius has developed a creative way to tell history and motivate young people through drama. On this program, Dr. Cornelius creates an historical masterpiece when he chronicles the saga of Black Am...

From The Library of Black History: Black Hollywood


Before Denzel and Halle won the Oscar. Before Jamie Foxx riveted audiences with his spot-on portrayal of Ray Charles, there was a time when Black actors and actresses were limited in what they could portray in motion ...

When The Chickens Came Home To Roost — Part 2


 Part I & II.    This is a one-hour version (see 3) of the award-winning 1982 New York stage hit “When The Chickens Came Home To Roost,” written by Lawrence Holder and produced by Woodie King, Jr.  It stars Denzel...