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When the hardcover edition of WHAT MAMA TAUGHT ME was published, PBS television host and self-empowerment advocate Tony Brown imparted his daring, outside-the-box wisdom -- revealing for the first time his family history to share what his mama taught him as a little boy: the key to health, wealth, and happiness. Quill is excited to be publishing WHAT MAMA TAUGHT ME.

In this personal and heartfelt book, Brown imparts the principles of life taught to him by the woman who raised him. Success defined by the Establishment, explains the imminently successful Tony Brown, is “learning the rules and betraying yourself and your desires.” A vicious cycle, this version of success causes a disconnect, spiritual death and unhappiness. In WHAT MAMA TAUGHT ME, however, Brown offers a way out, providing the blueprints for reaching success and happiness -- on one’s own terms.

A distillation of his Mama’s life lessons, the seven core values represent Brown’s personal recipe for success. They are:
· Reality – The Value of Being Yourself
· Knowledge – The Value of Understanding Your Purpose
· Race – The Value of Honoring Your Humanity
· History – The Value of Investing in the Future
· Truth – The Value of Being True to Yourself
· Patience – The Value of “Keeping the Faith”
· Love – The Value of Living Joyfully

In his signature challenging, feisty and visionary style, “Television’s Civil Rights Crusader” (Black Enterprise magazine) denounces the Establishment and Black and White Superiority in favor of self-empowerment, leading the way to a free mind and spirit -- the only true path to success.