“Democrat presidential candidates plotted their paths Wednesday into state primaries now expanding to include more voters of color, while the party’s establishment braced for a long and increasingly uncertain nomination fight ahead,” reports the Associated Press. (“Race Turning To More Diverse States,” Brian Slodysko, Julie Pace and Kathleen Hennessey (Associated Press, Daily Press, 2/13/2020, p. A11). That put immediate pressure on the leading candidates to show they could compete outside of the largely White (sic) states that launched the nominating procession.”

On January 6, 2003, I wrote a piece called “A Black Paper For White Republicans.” By 2020, my prediction of a Republican grab for a larger share of the Black vote to win the House, the U. S. Senate and a second presidential term – made possible by the presidential election in 2020 – had become not only possible, but highly probable.

It seems that the days of the media shield that succor the establishment political sector will likely come to an end with the presidential election of November 2020.

A GOP MISTAKE  The present episode in American history began when the party of Lincoln became the party of the Southern Strategy to exploit racial inequality for partisan gain by re-branding White Southern racists as the descendants of Abraham Lincoln’s freedom party. A faction within the Republican Party led by moderates such as Governor Linwood Holton of Virginia (1970-1974) lost to the segregationist wing of Richard Nixon strategists; Patrick Buchanan was a Nixon political operative and speech writer. You saw this crude logic buck-naked when Patrick Buchanan delivered his out-of-step televised speech at the 1992 Republican national convention. It was widely condemned as divisive, mean-spirited and racist. Buchanan alienated many White suburbanites, working women, gays, pro-choice advocates, Jews and moderate WASP Republicans. And, of course, it was open season on Aframericans.

Now that the Democrat Southern Strategy has been exposed, when compared alongside the Republican Southern Strategy, as racist politics also, Democrats are increasingly forced to examine their own segregationist history and thinking. The Bill Clinton party leaders, even back then, wanted the Democrats to abandon its Black bloc and go after a winning-base among Whites in order to win back the White House.  The “harsh reality,” they believed, was that “the White base just isn’t big enough to win” – and that was back in 2003.

The truth is, and has been for some time, that a liberal can no longer be elected President. That’s largely why the last three Democrat presidents have been Southerners. Blacks are no longer being exploited by both parties; on occasion, they may be shoved out of the Democrat Party to make room for the more Socialist-minded.

In 2003, the fact that Trent Lott and some of his Republican colleagues were blind to 40 years of civil-rights progress and that had made it possible for some Democrats to play the race card and exploit Blacks with impunity. Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton’s tactics, for example, have been every bit as egregious and demagogic as Republican Lott’s, notwithstanding his appointment of Black partisans to low-level government jobs where some of them acted as a downline to reinforce the campaign fears and lies aimed at Blacks with campaigns that promoted accusations such as: Republicans are out to take away the right of Blacks to vote; Republicans supported the burning of Black churches; and President Bush personally supported the lynching of Blacks. Yet, there are still Black Democrats, however, who abhor race-baiting.

In previous apartheid cultures such as the United States and Europe, human sentients who are genetically painted over with additional hues because 100 percent of human sentients are colored black at the baseline before the other primary colors are considered as evidence to ensure an artificial barrier (“colored”) that sustains divisive visible barriers of human control via skin color. Devious behavior.

For the first time in the history of the United States, the presidential election will signal the emergence of the African-American vote as the deciding factor of the victor in the 2020 presidential race and as an asset in electoral politics. Again, one odious bias replaces another because racism is self-defeating.

Black people, because of the U. S. Constitution, will help pick the next President of the United States. I need not spend my time with this blog to convince you of the details of that fact. You either know it as true or you have bowed to the untruthful law of being able to deny the truth, and to
freedom, justice and equality.

Freedom is the ultimate goal of humanity. Nothing else can substitute. No politically partisan unit can substitute for the innate rights that only God can bestow. In our earthy condition, this can only be achieved if you are driving in the lane of common sense – not faith in a collective that is biased against itself.

African Americans have limited opportunity to open the door for a common-sense solution to this age-old predicament of caste hatred that the United States inherited when it grabbed ownership from British tyranny.

In other words, the land called America came with the old and nefarious philosophy of White supremacy. This philosophy was enshrined in the political system, the educational process and even into a God that protected a system of the degradation and enslavement of the mental processes of its non-Caucasian (an arbitrary selection identity) citizens. In turn, this philosophy of White supremacy permeated the learning process of all people from all over the globe who were subject to its rules. England was the major player in this apartheid movement and thoroughly contaminated what we today call the colonial world.

Which leads us to England’s offspring: The United States, now the leader of the free world and in a position to dominate the direction of humankind. The specific date for this arrival of the prediction is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. On that date, the citizens of this great free nation will be able, for the first time, to drive down the HOV lane (no obstacles) at a faster speed and reach their destination in a shorter period of time.