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You can either encourage people to help you become dependent on them, or you can challenge others to help you help yourself. Ultimately, the former will make you bitter and irresponsible.

A knowledge of Black history, precisely African American, on the other hand, will lead to the economic unification of the entire U. S. via the self-empowerment of voluntary entrepreneurial zones and a strong national defense because it will produce the most robust Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and job growth the world has ever seen. This is the outline of a plan to save the U. S. and the civilized world from imminent global annihilation and economic decline.

But any trip around the world begins with the first step. The first step in this global salvation strategy is a thriving U. S. economy with at least a 10% annual growth rate.  This is the necessary requirement to attain economic self-empowerment for all Americans in the free market system that we will jointly create.

Each person, like each group, is divided into two parts, reflecting the balance that Nature requires in all things. One part is bad and one is good. The one that wins is the one you feed the most. Black history, if fed honesty, is the good guy; racism, Black or White, is always the bad guy because it destroys the ability of the marketplace to set a fair price.  And it acts as a force of violence and corrupts free market capitalism, says economist Ludwig von Mises. That’s why racism is the reason the U. S. has not had free market (pure) capitalism in the U. S. since the slavery of Africans  was introduced.

I propose the return of a free market via community economic empowerment zones right in your local neighborhoods to recycle the money you spend back into your pocket, instead of going to partisan political hacks.  “Whites Against Racism” (W. A. R.) as Affiliates in this movement save themselves – and their children – and the nation – from self-inflicted racism poverty and the widespread myth that White racism benefits White people.

If you are White, you have been or you are being “played” (outplayed) to believe that White racism benefits White people. Nothing could be further from the truth, America’s history of slavery and apartheid was the breeding ground for today’s turbulent urban unrest – not misguided Black fathers with character trait defects.

I received my education on where racism originated and how it works, not primarily from schools, but over a 40-year period as the producer of 1,000 shows and documentaries that I produced as Tony Brown’s Journal, the only Black Affairs series on national television between 1968 and 2008. Since then I have resurrected these iconic videos that are now streamed online at I learned that the history of Black Americans and fair-minded Whites has been left out, even twisted, and that Whites generally (especially Southerners) are the unfortunate victims of the same poisonous racist conspiracy that many other duped Whites aggressively and, unfortunately, protect with their lives. The result of this lack of awareness has bitten us all over and over again for centuries and is now poised to break out as a nuclear WWIII. That’s why I called my two-part series of Tony Brown’s Journal on this subject “Slavery’s Biggest Secret”.

This snake can only bite if this historical complicity keeps the nation in the dark and at one another’s throats in this racially-charged environment.  Some Blacks and most Whites have traditionally refused to acknowledge the need for the unification of all Americans and demonstrate even less concern for the facts of reality.

As I said, this situation largely exists because good Whites have been “played” (out-played). Many Whites are taught (psychologically programmed) to believe that White people generally benefit from White racism in America, and on the surface it may seem so. Even the top colleges teach that being White is worth $1 million in earnings during a lifetime. If that’s true, why is the White middle class missing in action while the Federal Reserve steals their 401K savings with “quantitative easing” or “QE?” And why, for the first time in history, did more Whites die than were born in the U. S. last year? That doesn’t sound like privilege; it looks more like a stalled economy and low wages for everyone because the socialism bubble has burst.

And why is this all-purpose White racism safety parachute not stopping the increasing fall into poverty of a large portion of the White population? (No one can blame Blacks for stealing these missing jobs and incomes of Whites because Blacks in the U. S. themselves are suffering from an unemployment rate that is officially double that of Whites – and has been for over 50 years. And Whites are now crowding Blacks off the food stamp rolls.) Having a Black for president may have reduced White guilt, but it didn’t do much for the average person, Black or White, statistics suggest.

I am one of the 66 percent of Americans who are “fed up” with politics and the crony capitalism that favors the elite class and thinks that the country is going in the wrong direction according to a Bloomberg Poll.  Some 72 percent believe the U. S. isn’t as great as it once was, Donald Trump’s campaign theme. More than a third even prefer a presidential candidate without experience in public office.

By any measure, American morale is at its nadir and the Barack Obama legacy will inherit this stigma of failure as an existential burden. Nearly three quarters of Americans say they are fed up with politics and that it merely amounts to “people playing games,” while 59 percent say the political system is broken and the nation needs to “just start over.”   I say that this is not only the time to start over, but the time to start a new social and economic order by supporting the empowerment of African American self-help advocates and Whites who oppose racism in a voluntary economic coalition of fair-minded Americans.

Let me give you an idea of how that plan could work. It would eliminate the biggest drag on the economic growth of America by turning the most underdeveloped cohort, i. e., African Americans, into one of the most productive sub-populations in the nation. Simultaneously, it would elevate the massive poor White population out of illiteracy and poverty and the overwhelmed striving middle class into a competitive, productive technology-savvy bloc.

Neither African Americans nor middle class Whites would be forced to continue to play the role of the dupes of crony capitalism and preying grifter politicians like Hillary and Bill Clinton who exploit poor Black people by pimping their misery for petty political and financial gain. The Republican Party would no longer be able to attract a following by ignoring the decline of African Americans by focusing on the failed socialism of Democrats.

Neither African Americans nor fair-minded Whites, both the victims of White racism, would have anything to lose and everything to gain if they jointly took a stand on the side of truth and freedom for all.

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