This blog originated as the result of a Facebook response to a comment to Tony Brown by Habeed Love who responded to Natalie E. Spooner Ferguson: “You sound like you are influenced by Imam WDM,” he wrote.

I certainly am, and with good reason. He was one of my dearest friends and one of the wisest people I have ever known. Furthermore, members of the American Muslim Community, under the leadership of its spiritual leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the seventh son of seven sons, saved my life by preventing a rogue group of radical Black Muslims from killing me as they had previously warned in an ad in the Los Angeles Black newspaper. If I showed up as the featured speaker for the dinner held to honor the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam and W. D. Mohammed’s father, at the first formally-sanctioned tribute to him after his death, the ad warned, my life would be in danger.  

I highly suspect that the assassins were not motivated by any genuine love or belief in Islam, but by a U. S. government paycheck. Knowing that I was in harm’s way, I was fearful, but, at the same time, more flattered by being personally selected for such an honor by Mr. Muhammad’s family that I forgot to be afraid.

Despite my misgivings – and fears –  I went to LA anyway.  Looking back in time and remembering the number of holstered guns that were bulging from the jackets of several of the men in that ballroom and connecting the Harlem, NY Audubon Ballroom plotline (that I had aired in great detail previously on national television – TBJ Show #1603, “Who Killed Malcolm?”), to describe how a group of Black Muslims had viciously murdered Malcolm X, I saw the distinct similarity in the LA/Tony Brown dramatic setting and when Malcolm X first came out on the Audubon Ballroom stage to speak, until the last bullet had torn his riddled body apart and the contrived deception used by the assassins unfolded.

I was alarmed that so many were “strapped” to the teeth in LA, but comforted by the fact that more than a few would likely be friendly fire, if all hell broke loose. As a result, I became both emboldened in the spirit of Malcolm X, a sword of justice, while at the same time, resigned to make my inevitable transformation back to the spirit plane and a higher level of consciousness, i. e., a state of awareness of objective reality with the Creator of everything in the universe, just in case the fanatics prevailed.

During my L. A. speech, I defiantly addressed the planted assassins in the audience. Suddenly, a spontaneous and thunderous applause came from the stunned S. R. O. audience when I said that no one in that hall had the power to take my life because my Creator had already gifted my genie with the immortality as a spirit or force of energy in the cosmic universe.  I made that statement because I am already sufficiently informed by the Life Ellipse of the Ancient Masters and the knowledge of the natural transformation of the soul in the immaterial (spirit) world toward the Light.

At a point in this process, all of us will either become extinct “tramp spirits” because of ancient history in its renewed form of Islamist terrorism today, failed to perform the basic standards of love and compassion for humanity during their earthly lives, which is a requirement for an elevated spiritual status on the heavenly plane of consciousness. This is also the dimension of future opportunities to grow and rehabilitate ourselves as evolved spiritual beings. In short, my soul is ultimately bound for judgment and rehabilitation by the Creator of my Self – not by religious (zealots) fanatics, of any faith, including those past legendary figures of Judaism and Christianity.

Connecting that insightful counter intuitive approach to what appeared to be another gory reenactment years later of the Malcolm X murder, it suddenly became evident to me that this time around, that I was the intended sacrificial lamb in an updated version of the 1965 Malcolm X plotline assassination that was back in play that fateful night in LA.  I repeat, had it not been for the intervention of the courageous men of the Muslim American Society who were followers of the peace-loving Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and his battle-ready, contingent of believers in the predominantly peaceful community of Islam, I would not have survived that evening. Without a doubt, the life of Tony Brown would have ended that balmy night in Los Angeles in the horrible destruction of my physical being had it not been for the good people and the good will of the religion of Islam.

After the assassin tradition took root as a tradition among the Ancient Hebrews, the Essenes/Jews and later the early Christians and Christian Crusaders, today it is most conspicuous in Islam.

I may be “Breathing While Black” now because of a cabal of rogue agents in our intelligence community, but I am still “Breathing While Alive” because of the courageous men of the Muslim American Society in the United States who stopped the future “tramp” souls among the Muslim assassins from taking my earthly life.

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Part II of this blog (“How To Stop The Next Malcolm X Assassination”) explains how to use the Constitution of the United States to defend yourself against the tyranny of the unconstitutional and unlawful elements of the government.