How is Robert Wolfe helping Rev. Wendell Anthony if he continues to hurt the little man by tearing Rev. Anthony down?

I have read Wolfe’s comments on my Facebook page (May 5) and they sadden me. Wolfe accuses Anthony several times of some extremely anti-social activities. I have not spoken to either man and I have never met Mr. Wolfe and I have no evidence of the facts.  However, I consider myself to be a friend of Rev. Anthony and his family.  I can only imagine how harmful Wolfe’s remarks have been to Anthony’s loved ones, the innocents. One could conclude that Wolfe is more interested in the public destruction of Rev. Anthony than in the well-being of Rev. Anthony, leader of the Detroit NAACP, regardless of the harm to others from the “friendly fire.”

At the end of the day, of course, it is none of my business what either Anthony or Wolfe does or has done. But their well-being became my concern when my Facebook page was drawn into the fray.  

I wish Mr. Wolfe had chosen another venue to express his tawdry views because I don’t enjoy being associated with them in any way and I hope that in the future he does not use my good name in any of them.  Mr. Wolfe will either benefit or suffer accordingly for the damage he has done to the reputation of a good man – flawed, yes. But still good like the rest of us who were born into perfection and corrupted after our transformation circa 525 B. C. (“The Big Bang”) into human beings with destructive propensities and the potential to drift into anti-social behavior. 

Trying to win, however, with anti-social methods, is the same as perpetuating self-destruction. I hope that Rev. Anthony will remain silent and stay above the fray while protecting his family as best he can from the fallout of doubt. My ultimate concern is in trying to understand why anyone would need to employ such hurtful tactics as Mr. Wolfe has done.

Although he has the legal right to express his opinions, there is still the superior law of natural rights. In a most constructive way, I ask Mr. Wolfe the following questions. Mr. Wolfe, would you feel that more children in Africa would be better off starving and dying from the pollution in the water if Rev. Anthony and his Detroit congregation were not spending time and resources there to save the lives of those innocents? I could not replace Rev. Anthony’s efforts. Can you, Mr. Wolfe? Would you, Mr. Wolfe?

It appears that all we have left objectively is Rev. Anthony’s political choices and the indication that Mr. Wolfe’s endgame is the political destruction of Rev. Anthony because of his political choices. Is Mr. Wolfe going to replace the efforts of Rev. Anthony should he succeed in destroying Anthony’s reputation and subsequently Anthony’s good works? 

This dilemma offers the people in this community with a lose-lose model and that is just not acceptable. I can objectively say that I am not motivated by Mr. Wolfe’s attacks on Rev. Anthony, and by inference all of the good men and women who have faith in Anthony’s leadership.

It is categorically not true that Rev. Anthony is a bad person. We are all misguided to some degree and have been misguided at some point in our lives because all of us are flawed humans. But none of us is pure evil. These are some of the reasons that I find it so unfortunate that a man of Mr. Wolfe’s great intellect and potential is squandering them with extremely offensive, unworthy charges against Rev. Anthony.

I have no idea why Mr. Wolfe is crusading against Rev. Anthony, but as a bystander, I can say that it does not excite any aspects of my better self or my perception of the author of the allegations. 

This country has better fish to fry and it is in dire need of resurrecting leadership that shares the values that can make America meaningful again.

Finally, Mr. Wolfe I am Rev. Anthony’s friend and I hope you will become one as well. However, I will stand with him and against anyone who tries to abuse him in any way. He is first and foremost my brother. We share the same ancestral heritage and we share the same struggle to preserve it. I also love you as a brother, although I have never met you. I can tell from your cognition that you are a highly trained, intellectual person whose cognitive abilities are greatly needed by our society and the deprived, oppressed children and the young girls who are routinely raped every day in Africa. 

Please put your enormous personal assets to work for such causes and not against a man of Rev. Anthony’s standing who tries every day to better himself and the world. Please forgive him and the rest of us for failing on some of those days. 

I hope we can become friends and brothers, Mr. Wolfe.