Previously, I presented you with theories and facts about the financial powerhouse of the country you live in. I have demonstrated how the, a single Facebook website, has reached about 1,000,000 viewers alone. Compare that Tony Brown’s Journal achievement with the dwindling audience reach (3.3 million) of ABC TV’s much praised Victoria Secret Fashion Show and its leggy models.


This past week’s blog (“The Color of Freedom”), attracted 23,000 viewers in seven days to the page on Facebook, compared to 38,000 viewers during the first seven days of the previous week’s blog (“Great Black Men of Color”). Not bad for an honest, classic education about Black history when up against sexy, beautiful women.  At this rate, TonyBrownsJournal on Facebook may soon reach more viewers than the most beautiful women with the longest legs.

Featured on Soul of the South TV Network and this week

Tony Brown’s Journal TV series, which one national archivist has called “the most complete and thoughtful record of African-American opinion,” will feature this week on Soul of the South TV Network and “Did Blacks Spark White Civilization?;” “The Shackled Immigrants;” “Words For The Spirit;” “Gone But Not Forgotten;” and a special one-on-one interview with the original “Dreamgirl” -- Sheryl Lee Ralph.

MON., DEC. 10 – TBJ # 2421 -- Did Blacks Spark White Civilization? Were the ancient Egyptians Black or White?  Are Black Americans linked to the Nile Valley civilization and why is that important? Are some Black scholars distorting history to make Black people feel good? Richard Poe, journalist and author, shares his answers.

TUES., DEC. 11 -- TBJ #2203 -- The Shackled Immigrants: An exploratory examination of how slavery and racism impacted the social and economic progress of African-Americans as compared to other immigrant groups.

WED., DEC. 12 – TBJ #2123 -- Words For The Spirit: Secular and spiritual leaders share words of wisdom on many of the issues facing society today.

THURS., DEC. 13 – TBJ #2214 -- Gone But Not Forgotten: They are no longer with us, but their work and accomplishments are still impacting the lives of the people they touched.  They are the heroes who turn into legends and forever etch their wonders in the annuals of time and the recesses of our memories.

FRI., DEC. 14 – TBJ#831 -- A Woman For All Seasons:  A one-on-one interview with the versatile actress Sheryl Lee Ralph.