Black Hollywood: The Way It Was

The first event (beginning in Black History Month 2016) in my upcoming webinar series is: “Tony Brown Is Back With His 40 Years of Groundbreaking Programs On National Television, Told For The First Time By ‘Television’s Civil Rights Crusader’ Himself, The Producer of America’s #1 iconic Black-Affairs TV Series, circa 1968-2008.”

War and Peace (TBJ #2424) 

War and Peace (TBJ #2424)

The webinar series will offer diverse topics for discussion such as: “Black Hollywood: The Way It Was;” “Building Online Self-Empowerment Network Markets”; “How To Survive The First Cyber War Attack On The U. S.”; “Can Black Business Enterprise Zones Do For Blacks What The Mormon Church Is Doing For Mormons?”; “The Black Eagles: America’s Black Air Force during WWII”; “The Destruction of Black Civilization;” “The Black Roots of American Music,” etc., among others.

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The Black Eagles: America's Black Air Force

The Destruction of Black Civilization (TBJ Show #503

Southern Slavery, Northern Lies (TBJ Show #2902 & #2903)




  • Denmark Vesey’s Rebellion” – This is a 93-minute Past America docu-drama, presented in three hour-long segments, with guest appearances by celebrity narrators Lawrence Fishbourne, Ava DuVernay and notable historians such as Dr. Rachel Medford, History Chair at Howard University.
  • Charlotte Forten’s Mission” – This is a 113-minute Past America theatrical drama about a well-educated African-American Quaker from a wealthy Philadelphia family, who in 1860 makes a pact with President Abraham Lincoln to help him cripple the Southern Rebel armies by having the Black slave labor force burn their plantation crops and escape into the South Carolina swamps. Lincoln agrees to the plan by promising to not only grant the escaping slaves their freedom – but also to present them with valuable acres of local land.  He had one caveat, however. Charlotte Forten and her Quaker friends would have had to teach the recipient slaves how to “read and write.”  Charlotte and her Quaker teachers faced not only strong opposition from poor White local farmers, but also Northern land speculators who had come to Carolina to get rich off of gullible free Blacks.
  • Solomon Northrup’s Odyssey: 12 Years a Slave” – This 98-minute Past America PBS  television film stars Avery Brooks as “Solomon,” and premiered as a theatrical release in Santa Monica in 1987.  Although it is still owned by Past America, last year it was honored by being inducted into the U. S. National Archives as a national treasure – and currently is entrusted at the U. S. Library of Congress in Washington, DC.  This version was directed by the great auteur Gordon Parks.