America’s mainstream media has officially, even historically, redefined the civil rights movement, but with White protesters increasingly replacing Black ones, even its leadership. (Tribune Newspapers, March 6, 2015)  If true, what are the economic consequences of the official loss of the Black protest movement in America?

My response, on the last day of Black History Month, 2015 was to launch a self-empowerment page on the Black Business Network and join thousands of other Black businesses in an effort to empower other Black Businesses and Black communities to stem this tide of total economic White dominance of Black America.  I also joined this self-help thrust in order to buy from and sell to Black people who currently spend 98% of their income with people who rarely shop with African Americans.

Self-empowerment, I believe, will reverse this regressive trend and lift African Americans out of poverty. This pragmatic approach has nothing to do with being against people who are not Black. In fact, the idea of using economics to uplift participating members of your own community originated in and is more prevalent in White communities where more than 90% of their wealth is retained within their communities versus the less than 2% retained among African Americans. Neither do the self-designated “do-gooder” Whites and anarchists who participate as protest marchers even consider buying from a Black-owned business.

Before we discuss the obsessive notion of racial equality in the simplistic traditional way, let us be clear that life, for whatever reason, is not fair and most fair-minded people will attest to the fact that institutional racism is one specific cause of racial disparities in America. But as a societal goal, it is insufficient because all people are created as equals.

Despite an extended period of job growth nationally in recent years, the Black jobless rate remains above 10%. This stubborn fact has persuaded even the financial industry to confess, even if tacitly, that poor Black communities, where banks are few, will not get any help from anyone to close the jobless gap.


“If we want these underserved neighborhoods served, either we have to make these communities wealthier or provide some better incentives,” an economist told The Washington Post (2-17-15).

Perhaps, that’s why 1 percent of the people in the world own 48 percent of the world’s wealth – hardly the “level playing field” the politicians of wealth redistribution promise in their delusional plans to make everyone equal.

After you add systemic racism to that fundamentally flawed socialist blueprint of a something-for-nothing society, you end up with what we have now. So, if the communism of altruism won’t work, how do you make the crooked way straight?

During the current economic boom, 50% of the urban young Blacks are still unemployed while we have only a modest unemployment rate among the White population. It is apparent to me that a plan based on Black self-sufficiency is the only solution to Black failure in the U. S. The U. S. government has repeatedly demonstrated, in every administration, that our government cannot overcome Black unemployment.  And based on the facts, it’s largely up to Blacks themselves to get the job done.

To do so, Black communities first must gain knowledge of the rules of the Game of Life. Then they must play the game. “Most people think life is a battle. It is not. It is a game of giving and receiving,” and the rules of engagement come under self-sufficiency. In short, figure that out and you’ll make the crooked way straight.

But the fundamental rule of life demands that you gain the understanding that freedom is not free and you can’t have what you don’t earn. Therefore, all wise people are in possession of what we loosely call “middle-class” or “striver values” that inspire you to make life better through your own efforts, i. e., self-help.

That, in a nutshell, is the universal reality of the game of life, thorns and all.  If you exert this energy in your daily life, you will empower yourself spiritually and economically to get what you want. Then, you cannot fail even when confronted by prejudice or unfairness, and most importantly, you will not lose confidence in yourself.  That’s why losers play the hand of racists and haters. The ultimate winners in the game of life, however, will always be love and unity, a quintessential winning hand of trust.

“Most people think life is a battle: it is not. It is a game of giving and receiving,” Florence Scovel Schinn wrote in “The Game of Life and How to Play It.” I would add that you can also be in the top 1% of the top earners if you know how to play “The Game,” i. e., “self-empowerment.”

Empower yourself by getting involved in earning extra income through buying and selling from other members of your community in order to retain at least 50% of your income within your own community – to create jobs, businesses, stable families and the education of your children.

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