The only way the U. S. Black community can gain control of its own $1-trillion annual spending power (the #10 economy in the world) is through a free-market system in which its members redistribute a significant portion of their income with one another by buying from one another. African Americans, for example, are an economic underclass, primarily because they spend/recycle only a mere 4% of their disposable income within their own economic-community zones, while other groups recycle 80% of their income within their nationalized group.

This is not news to ethnic groups like the Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, etc., who stressed this self-help tradition when they were trapped in poverty in their land of origin and still do in America. In fact, this economic survival strategy has been successfully adopted by every immigrant group but African Americans, who, not surprisingly, now occupy the bottom rung of America in overall social and economic stability because of the dependency character trait that was implanted in their minds during centuries of American and Caribbean slavery of Africans.

The latest labor-business statistics suggest that African Americans will remain economically underdeveloped, poorly educated and ill-equipped for participation in a skilled modern technology workforce and without knowledge of their heritage until, perhaps, they recycle a larger percentage of their income with entrepreneurs of self-empowerment network markets in their own neighborhoods that are dedicated to the redevelopment of its participating members who build marketing networks that recycle their buying power back into their own informal self-empowerment alliance.

And based on economic projections for next year, things will only get worse. That’s why my self-help plan aims to create a new economy within the U. S. economy where the growth rate will exceed the 2.6% level of the U. S. itself. I predict that my plan will grow the self-empowerment network markets at a robust 10% per year, at the least.

Through, any affiliate distributor in the self-empowerment zone program can technically reach millions of potential downline members, just as the multinational corporations do.

“Rise up, you mighty people,” Marcus Garvey said. “Take back your mind!” I say.  And remember the words of Elijah Muhammad said.

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