I don’t love him, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, just because he saved my life. I love him, most and foremost, because of his values, integrity, character and manly deeds on behalf of all people in all countries of the world to secure a peaceful planet. To him, I say, “Blessings Be Unto You.” And anyone who knew Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, knew what a risk he and his men were taking to protect a non-Muslim, even from a radical cabal similar to today’s ISIS jihadists who make war on America, as well as their fellow Muslims, especially women, who are profanely oppressed in the name of the otherwise peaceful Islamic faith. The ISIS threat has the potential of leading humanity to a global catastrophic holocaust.

In the meantime, you don’t have to be alone in defying this encroaching evil. In America, for example, you have the right to bear arms and defend yourself under the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and even overthrow your own government, if it becomes a source of tyranny.

WD and I reached across the contrived, prejudiced and hateful religious barriers in our society to an eternal peace in universal brotherhood that enhanced our friendship and our mutual love for all mankind and respect for the right to free speech (which includes religious expression). Indeed it is a fact that the typical American Muslim is no more involved in acts of violence than the typical member of any other religion.  Since I don’t include a person’s religious beliefs in assessing their value or their character, religious differences per se is not a factor that prevents me from loving the ALL of humanity.

Therefore, I hold all followers of Islam who are righteous in high regard and I do not confuse them with the hijackers of their faith, just as I do not blame all Roman Catholics for the dastardly culture of child rapists that has found cover for its distasteful, salacious sexual appetite for, mostly, child boys by some sexual predators among that religious body’s priesthood or the pathological rabbis of Judaism who rape their community’s children in a similar vile fashion, while covering themselves in religious piety.

The holy man, WD Mohammed, demonstrated both his love of Islam and his love of the homeland of America – a rarely seen balancing feat – unequivocally and without hesitation, despite opposition from zealots who do not want to see peace in the world. I will never forget his humanity and how tall he stood as an American Muslim patriot in my defense and the defense of the constitutional rights of all Americans.

Shortly after the Malcolm X assassination, on my national television series, Tony Brown’s Journal, several of the wayward assassins gave me exclusive public confessions of their personal involvement in the conspiracy and murder plot. I came away with the impression that some of them were probably manipulated into such a heinous act because they falsely believed they were following a jihad directive of their religious faith, the Nation of Islam. Instead, they could have been under the command of a rouge intelligence unit within the U. S. government itself, the same rogue unit, perhaps, that would later unconstitutionally and illegally place me on the terrorist no-fly list to cut-off my income and destroy my reputation because of my balanced approach to Islam. In other words, I could not be manipulated with religious or racial prejudice.  Of course, that is only my speculative opinion.  

I never made it in America because I hid my African ancestry – like Jefferson, Harding, Jackson, Lincoln and Hoover may have.  Quite to the contrary, I succeeded in the world’s most competitive melting pot because of the great legacy and traditions that I inherited from humanity’s first civilization, ancient Alkebulan, commonly known today as the broken continent of Africa, from which I derive my pride of ancestry.

In any case, view Tony Brown’s Journal Show #1604 – “Malcolm X's Assassin” (and shows #310; #812 and #1603, among others) to understand the origins of this longstanding modern conspiracy to divide and conquer Black people today by manipulating a handful of religiously-vulnerable Black Muslims.

On the other hand, WD Mohammed and his followers of peace and love were never a part of this delusional faction of misguided and/or politically misdirected Islamist zealots. Instead, WD Mohammed and his peace-loving and patriotic Muslim-American community steadfastly and publicly expressed faith in and an allegiance to the United States. That’s who WD Mohammed is today – although he is on the other side, in a spirit form of eternal life. He is also one of the great American patriots at a most crucial time in American history, when more believers in Islam need to stand up on behalf of America and the universal reality of truth, as Imam W. D. did.  He was the personification and the most genuine exemplar of an Islam of love and peace that is in complete submission to the will of the Creator of us all.

I am saving most of the details of the government conspiracy against me for my upcoming online article and, perhaps, a new book should I survive another attempt to kill me and the US government’s unconstitutional actions and illegal invasion of my privacy and my First Amendment rights by the Homeland Security Department and the other assorted rogue out-of-control security units, including the Transportation Security Agency, that previously held a secret federal night court, at which time I was placed on the US terrorist watch list for a decade or more.  In fact, I may still be on it.

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