In the midst of brutally raping a teen girl of the Yazidi religious minority tribe that the ISIS soldiers brand as "sabaya" (slave), the rapist justified his behavior with a questionable interpretation of the Islamic bible that he said justifies this severe treatment because he believes she is a slave.

Once upon a time, the slavery of Blacks figured in Christianity in the United States in much the same way, based on the Christian bible. One author of a book on early Islam, according to The New York Times, wrote, "It wasn't a particular religious institution. It was just how people did things."

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Today, this barbaric practice of organized rape against young girls is being used as a weapon of war and a means of religious worship, based on a religious belief system that is centuries old and void of factual evidence and moral logic. Modern evidence of how religion is used to support this ancient barbaric practice that is now being joined by male and female Muslim ISIS volunteers from Mississippi in America to Britain in Europe that showers the worst kind of inhumanity on Yazidi girls as young as 11.

The New York Times concludes its outstanding journalism and reporting on this issue with the following:  

"Beyond that, there appears to be no bounds to what is sexually permissible. Child rape is explicitly condoned: 'It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse,' according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute of a pamphlet published on Twitter last December.

"One 34­-year-­old Yazidi woman, who was bought and repeatedly raped by a Saudi fighter in the Syrian city of Shadadi, described how she fared better than the second slave in the household — a 12­-year-­old girl who was raped for days on end despite heavy bleeding.

"He destroyed her body. She was badly infected. The fighter kept coming and asking me, ‘Why does she smell so bad?’ And I said, she has an infection on the inside, you need to take care of her,' the woman said.

"Unmoved, he ignored the girl’s agony, continuing the ritual of praying before and after raping the child.

“I said to him, ‘She’s just a little girl,’ the older woman recalled. 'And he answered: ‘No. She’s not a little girl. She’s a slave. And she knows exactly how to have sex.’

“And having sex with her pleases God,” he said.

Thanks to an indifferent American administration and a feeble alliance with European nations, whose national security legacy will never be forgiven for its failure to crush the fanatical Islamist onslaught on civilization, rape, murder and mayhem are at the doorsteps of every American family. America with its might and wealth has failed those Yazidi girls in the Middle East.

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