"Rise Up, You Mighty Race," is a famous quote by Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  If you believe in Marcus Garvey’s self-help message from back in the 20s, your time has come. Empowerment is now.

Timothy P. Washington summarized this point very well in his comment: “I am in agreement. The time is NOW!! These things happen in 50-year cycles. The early 1900's was Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Then some fifty years later came the Civil Rights movement of the '60's and now some 50 years later comes Tony Brown, Delxino W. DeBriano and Timothy P. Washington. The time is now!”

Natanya Duncan’s comment, in response to my Marcus Garvey post, reminds me of the kind of information that needs to be disseminated to the public in order to remedy the damage to some famous Black historical figures, such as Marcus Garvey, when she accurately traced the use of the $10,000,000 that UNIA raised for “a failed shipping company, The Black Star Line; a millinery; restaurants, grocery stores and laundries in Harlem, Chicago and New Orleans; businesses in Philadelphia; a portion of the money was also used to purchase a school in Virginia that was later christened Liberty University; and the last bit of it went into funding negotiations with Liberia for a colony.”

These were all worthy causes and business failure is not unusual since most successful millionaires have gone bankrupt at least once. There is no shame in trying, but utter disgrace in not trying.

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