How to build anabolic communities that heal themselves with aspirational core values that eliminate racism and sexism.

Our communities and our nation were once focused on core values in all areas of life as a means of preparing the youth for service to others and a better future for themselves. Today, that same defining American trait is often used as an exaggerated sense of entitlement.

And that excess has now, unfortunately, become a common recurring theme in American life, along with the postponement of immediate gratification, another disappearing national trait.

That’s why old-fashioned values and the character traits of stability may prove once again to be the soundest advice for building future and sustained social progress and economic growth. That is also why the most viable family plan is to recommit ourselves to moral character and anabolic citizenship by resurrecting the core values and economic stability and the same culture of personal responsibility that helped Black people survive hundreds of years of slavery in America and racial bias and subsequently progress, before being systematically poisoned by promises of something-for-nothing partisan politics.

Communities are not strong or weak because they are Black or White (that’s a racist concept and a false social construction of logic without reasoning). Communities are strong with people who help one another because they are anabolic or, conversely, they are weak because they have too many catabolic members and/or family units to sustain growth.

If I had my way, and sufficient power, I would re-designate every individual or family as either anabolic or catabolic, then I would initiate a national empowerment-information campaign to increase the number of anabolic families (therefore reducing those who suffer from disparities). The main message of this liberating-literacy movement would be to (1) encourage families to pass along an investment asset to their children, (2) take control of your own healthcare insurance and (3) become enablers in the education of their offspring – while teaching them to become the main enablers of their own education by accepting responsibility for it.

Build Anabolic Communities that heal themselves with aspirational core values that are symbols and repress the historic pattern of value gender persecution bias to make the world a better place