So If You’re Going To Help Yourself, You’d Better Get Started Now.

Start With A Webinar With Muslims and Christians Working Together.

Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed, who served as spokesperson for the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed, is the author of a new book "Democracy, Civic Virtue, and Islam: The Muslim-American Jihad Against Extremism” that details the principles that have guided Muslim Americans to distinguish themselves in the international Islamic community from extremist influences.

His book arrives around the time of my first webinar event (beginning in Black History Month 2016): “Tony Brown Is Back With His 40 Years of Groundbreaking Programs On National Television, Told For The First Time By ‘Television’s Civil Rights Crusader’ Himself, The Producer of America’s

The webinar series, as I explained last week, will offer diverse topics for discussion such as: “Black Hollywood: The Way It Was;” “Building Online Self-Empowerment Network Markets”; “How To Survive The First Cyber War Attack On The U. S.”; “Can Black Business Enterprise Zones Do For Blacks What The Mormon Church Is Doing For Mormons?”; “The Black Eagles: America’s Black Air Force during WWII”; “The Destruction of Black Civilization;” “The Black Roots of American Music,” etc., among others.

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