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TonyBrownsJournal Facebook Page Could Reach 20 Million New Viewers, If Needed. That’s why I am not concerned about reaching a sizable national TV audience if I have to surrender my longstanding commitment to the Black community. In the 14 most recent days, for example, TonyBrownsJournal Facebook page has reached 2,193,850 views. Based on that performance, after adding audience shares, the likes and the comments, I project that TonyBrownsJournal Facebook page could adopt a strategy to reach over 20 million people in short order, under identical circumstances in just 30 days. With that platform, on TonyBrownsJournal Facebook page, a group of independent-minded people could launch a Black self-empowerment campaign that would determine the next President of the United States.

Audience Sample Comments from TonyBrownsJournal.  Why am I so sure of that outcome? Because that’s my personal experience with history and my ability to leverage the power of the presidency to benefit all Black Americans has taught me. That’s why I contacted the Donald Trump campaign and asked its leaders to put their efforts behind the self-empowerment of the Black community, without any strings attached. Please find below a sample exchange between me and a TonyBrownsJournal FB Friend (Aug. 22, 2016):

Mike Branker:  Make Trump put it in writing and in blood.

TONY BROWN RESPONSE: Absolutely. If there is a response and if there is a subsequent agreement, I will make the terms public and review them with the friends of Tony Brown’s Journal (as of this date, I have not received a response from the Trump campaign to my request urging support for Black self-empowerment).

My plan specifically stated to the Trump leaders: “My announcement for publishing a response to Mr. Donald Trump’s August 19, 2016 televised offer in Dimondale, Michigan to help rebuild Black America and to work with him to advance and rebuild our nation and its statue in the world is predicated on my ability to present a plan I have formulated to help the Black community empower itself with technical job skills, business and financial development and free-market uses of Black consumer income to supplement business development and job growth in the national Black community.”As of this date, September 3, 2016, I have not received a response from Mr. Trump and his staff. It has been an intense period and my letter may have been lost or disregarded for some very good reason.

Malcolm X: “A Dixiecrat Is Nothing But A Democrat In Disguise”

Subsequently, around September 3, 2016, Trump held a “Black outreach” meeting in Detroit. Instead, my plan, like Malcolm X’s approach in 1960, is to win a political quid pro quo for the Black community, instead of the current suicidal arrangement in which the political parties win it all. He told them that as Blacks gain “political consciousness” and become “politically mature,” they will also use that maturity to develop “a block of votes that stick together in a strategic position.”

“Either way you go, you’re the one who has that power.

“Anytime you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that Party can't keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and if you're dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that Party, you're not only a chump, but you're a traitor to your race.

“And you can see that a Dixiecrat is nothing but a Democrat in disguise.

“Then, they’re going to tell you and me that the South lost the war.”

Question:  What Did Black America Get When I Made A Deal With Ronald Reagan In 1981? Answer:  $134,400,000 (Click: and read pages 28-30 of my May 2015 Tony Brown’s Journal Video & Film Magazine for additional pictures and story)

Blacks Can Only Get A Good Deal From The White House If They Make The Best Deal With The Right President.  And The Right President Is The President Who Eagerly Accepts Black Self-Empowerment, As Well As Black Votes. Will Black America Make A Winning Deal In 2016?

TB Reagan signing bill Had Malcolm X made the kind of deal with the President Back In His Day that I made with President Ronald Reagan Back In My Day, I suspect the results would have been similar and beneficial to the Black community, as compared to the give-your-Black-vote-away-free-politics of today.

So if you can put Brother Malcolm X and Brother Tony Brown, historically, on one side and today’s Black leaders on the other, you would get the stark contrast that X and Brown have tried to teach Black people: “You can’t sell what you give away.”

President Reagan, by signing the over-$134 million Black Colleges Day bill, also authorized nearly $5 million more the next year in Federal aid to Black colleges. The aid under the bill would climb to $134.4 million in the 1984 fiscal year, from the previous level of $129.6 million.

Just one year after the Tony Brown-sponsored historic Black College Day rally in Washington, DC, the amount of federal funds to historically Black colleges and universities increased by $9.6 million.President Reagan signed Executive Order 12320 September 15, 1981, instructing Federal departments and agencies to increase spending on Black campuses. These agencies shortly increased that amount to $629 million in aid. That amounts to an 11.5% increase over the previous year – or 6.3% of all Federal money spent on the nation's 13,266 colleges and universities.

Students at the Black colleges received $232.8 million in aid, called Pell grants that averaged $1,064 as compared to the national average of $832. The biggest chunk was in the form of research and development grants that totaled $292.9 million: $52.4 million in aid was for facilities and equipment; $29.1 million for training; and $21.3 million for fellowships. That’s what Blacks can do for themselves if they make the best deal with the right President.The President and Black America

Let do the teaching with 1,000 streamed videos in your home, your office or on your mobile device for a true Black history education. For more information, click here: