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Self-Health: Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Lung Disease and Diabetes


Dr. Hulda Clark examines the first five leading causes of death in the United States. In this rare interview, Dr. Clark shares her research into a link between parasites, bacteria, metal and pollutants to heart diseas...

Self-Health: Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Blood Poisoning, Alzheimer’s Disease and AIDS


Dr. Hulda Clark examines another five top leading causes of death in the United States. She discusses her research into the causes and cures for kidney disease. (2311)

Another Version of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment


Washington Post headline: “Miss Evers’ Misses The Mark On Tuskegee Tragedy.” That statement of admonishment for the 2001 HBO film about the story of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment is an understatement. “The experime...

Stockpiling Black Genes


Howard University, a historically Black institution in Washington, D.C., plans to create the largest repository of DNA from 25,000 African-Americans in order to reduce or eradicate the many diseases that plague the Bl...

Is Unconscious Racism as a Killer?


A new study by a Congressional research institute suggests that the race gap in medicine may be a serious issue because unconscious racism among doctors could be a cause of death among Blacks – even when their incomes...

Which is Worse: Mosquitoes Or Nerve Poison?


This program examines the turbulent 1960s as the nation moves into the 21st Century. The events of that era are chronicled through archival footage and rare interviews with the leaders of that period. (2219)

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