World On Edge Of Nuclear War

“Your nervous system is you. All the thoughts, perceptions, moods, passions, and dreams that make you an active, sentient being are the work of this amazing network of cells. For many centuries, people knew that this was true. But no one was sure how it happened,” wrote Professor Sam Wang, author of The Neuroscience of Everyday Life.

Around 50 years of age, the Soul/Self and genie begin the long process of withdrawal from the physical body. When this process is completed, the physical body “dies.” What happens next? Nobody has empirical evidence, but I believe that I know and I have put it in a book that contains my original graphic illustration of what I call “The Life Ellipse” or the 10 stages of our Eternal Lives – of which four come after the death of the physical body.

I have believed since my childhood that my goal was to somehow end up in a heaven or where it was I was never taught how to get in and I did not find the key in religious instruction or how this heaven worked.  So, I subjected myself to a belief in self-empowerment, the process I relied on most to construct The Life Ellipse back then on May 7, 2010.

At The End Of The World, Where Do You Go?  Now on the brink of what the media is reporting, the brink of an atomic global war between North Korea and the U. S. and, since we all may be closer to a transition than ever before, what about considering a chapter from my next, and probably, last book: “The Life Ellipse: A Theoretical Treatise On The Afterlife.”

Hopefully, if my objective logic and my treatise on the Afterlife are correct, I have been given the first key to the kingdom of The ALL. By the way, only a good life full of love can open the gates of Eternity.

Trump Warns North Korea: Stop Threats  ... “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”   In the meantime, all of humanity is stuck in a time in August of the 21st century when yesterday, “President Donald Trump warned that U.S. military resources were in place, ‘locked and loaded,’ should North Korea ‘act unwisely,’ as foreign leaders called on Washington and Pyongyang to end a cycle of rhetorical threats raising the specter of nuclear war.”  And, I might add, the end of all life on Earth.  And to think that these are two of the men in the world who could with the push of a button put an end to all life in this planetary universe.

If so, what next? Anything? Nothing?

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