Hi Dean Brown!                                                                                                         

Dear Dean Tony Brown, I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits. I was a student at Hampton University from 2003-2007. I was a Broadcast Journalism major when you were the dean of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.  I was fortunate to have had a few brief encounters with you, but I honestly wished I had more opportunities to speak with you. I was most recently watching some Black empowerment and leadership programs on YouTube when I stumbled upon a Tony Brown's Journal program hosted by you.

It was so cool to see you in your profession as a journalist, given I've only experienced you as a dean. You were concise, transparent and kept the conversation moving along respectfully.

I was impressed and saddened that I wasn't thoroughly educated about who you are and the impact you made in the Black community as a journalist. I really enjoyed watching you facilitate the Black Leaders Discussion.

I am reaching out to say hello and to let you know how proud I am to have called you my dean. I appreciate you and all you've done to pave the way for Black journalists.        

Sincerely, Deydra L. Bringas, M. S.

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