“HOLY OR HISTORY: HOW DO YOU READ THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE?” (TBJ Show #2418) Gary Greenberg, president of the Biblical Archaeology Society of New York, has written two powerful books examining the foundations of Judaism and Christianity. Mr. Greenberg discusses the influence of Egyptian history on the Christian Bible. Greenberg is also the author of The Bible Myth: The African Origins of The Jewish People, in which he writes of these African origins. And what does this esteemed scholar think?

The African Genesis of Jewish Ancestry and Culture

Christians are usually very proud of their Hebrew and Jewish origins, but not of the African heritage that underpins their ancestry. This book makes clear the subject about which Greenberg writes. He focuses on the patriarchal history.  Greenberg writes, “I plan to show how the patriarchal history is pure myth, derived from Egypt stories about the god Osiris and his family, and that ancient Israel had no genealogical history prior to the Exodus.”

He explains, “According to the Christian Bible, when Moses led his followers out of Egypt, they would have naturally brought with them many of the tales and legends about Black Egyptian gods who were thought to be the ancestors of the Egyptian people. Atenists, however, didn’t believe in those other Egyptian deities. Therefore, they transformed these well-known stories about ancestral gods with magical powers into tales about human forefathers who interacted with the one and only supernatural being in their Hebraic belief system.

“After several centuries of living in their new homeland, Canaan, the Israelites took on more and more of the cultural trappings of their Canaanite neighbors. The Egyptian characters accumulated more and more Canaanite cultural features as Canaanite-trained scribes reworked the stories. Over time, the locales changed from Egypt to Canaan,” – and the focus of world civilization from Black people to White people.

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