This is the story of the great diaspora of anatomically modern humans in the late Ice Age. It also discusses the controversies surrounding modern human origins. Did we evolve in Africa or simultaneously in many parts of the Old World?

Factual, non-religious, historical history concludes that Alkebulan, the continent now called Africa, is the most likely homeland of humanity.

Then modern humans spread from tropical Africa into Southwest Asia about 100,000 years ago and gave the diaspora its evolving demographic history from a Black homeland. These original homo sapiens gave these first humans humanity’s first civilization. Therefore, the first humans were technically Blacks, by today’s racialist (not to be confused with racist history) classification system. Homo sapiens subsequently spread north into Europe around 45,000 years ago.

What is now called prehistory is actually the first chapter of Black history, which I prefer to call “Africa First History” – because it’s historical subtitle was “The Mother Of All Mankind.”

The protests and angry street riots of today suggest that this route to equality of opportunity may never come. Therefore, it is time for a new way of approaching this predicament. The digital workplace may be the last and best opportunity for Blacks to use new technology to create wealth that political partisan politics will never achieve.

Just look to the past for the best road and plan for the future.

You can easily educate yourself about these and subsequent facts of history that have been intentionally omitted or unknowingly taken out of history lessons. One way to start this process is to educate yourself about the history of today’s Black cultural and demographic population.

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Blacks need to first educate themselves about the true history of civilization. Equality cannot be achieved until a correct baseline for defining humans is based on the reality of one true history. That means a universal agreement that the original homo sapien “race” of human beings was Black and that the first civilizations (pre-history) started in a Black civilized world. can stream nearly 1,000 video lessons into your home or office computer or your mobile device 24/7. These streamed videos (lessons) are vital to the development of every child of every part of the human family, which descended from what is now called Africa.

Educate yourself about the history of your Black ancestors, including those six who “passed” and became Presidents of the United States of America (TBJ Show #111 – Has America Had 5 Black Presidents?”) centuries before Barak Obama may have been erroneously declared “The First Black President” – simply because his mother had been classified as “White” by an arbitrary system of classifying human beings. “Bi-racial” is just another man-made false social construction to classify a human race of Black origin with pseudo-science.

For example, one of America’s most infamous figures, J. Edgar Hoover (TBJ Show #2320 – “WAS J. EDGAR HOOVER BLACK? THE QUESTION THAT WON’T DIE”), is a prototype of this racial delusion. By American cultural standards and practices, one drop of blood of African ancestry makes an individual 100% Black. If so, since that is the
conventional American standard for racial classification, was J. Edgar Hoover, the infamous founding director of the FBI, passing for White?

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