Test Results For The First Tony Brown Black History Month Webinar: Average Exit Test Scores Suggest A Thirst For Knowledge

Based on the entrance and exit scores of the participants reporting, the data results suggest that knowledge of the history of ancient Africa’s contributions to humanity increased, in this instance, by 50%.

I congratulate and thank these truthseekers once again for pursuing knowledge and for helping to uplift our community (get a copy of the one-hour program -- DVD or streamed).

During the 28-day period, the TonyBrownsJournal.com self-empowerment website reached 605,184 people (89% through mobile devices), 25% of whom were males (the largest portion of whom were between 35-44).

This finding debunks the myth that Black males are not interested in gaining knowledge. Like those who did attend, this significant bloc of men must be sufficiently motivated with relevant stimuli. And perpetual messages of Black inferiority and Black failure are not inspiring.

Congratulations to all of those brave pioneers, young and old, who broke the self-empowerment barrier that is blockading the path that African Americans must follow to pull themselves up by their own unity, skills and pride in their ancestral origin. I am, of course, referring to the self-empowerment conscious women and men who attended and completed a knowledge-seeker’s paradigm of information on ancient Black civilization when Black meant King, Pharaoh, Queen, Engineer, Mathematician and “Ruler of the Two Lands.”

At the beginning of the Tony Brown 2016 Black History Month Webinar, the participants who reported scored an average of 50% on the entrance quiz. After one-hour of receiving information on the subject, the participants were given an exit exam following a video presentation that featured historian and professor (Dr.) Chancellor Williams and was moderated by Tony Brown. (My academic and professional credentials can be checked by clicking here: www.tonybrownsjournal.com/blog/nabj-hall-of-fame-inductee.)

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