A new wake-up call of a decline in profits and sales at big U. S. companies will show a decline for the first time since the recession in the U. S. economy, according to The Wall Street Journal (“U. S. Firms Warn of Slowing Economy,” Oct. 26, 2015, p. 1). That means that the industrial environment is in a recession and the duplicitous Federal Reserve policy of “quantitative easing” (transferring middle class and inner-city wealth to the banks by eliminating interest rates on their savings) can no longer hide the fact that U. S. productivity is unable to sustain what has emerged as a socialist welfare state that cannot pay its bills. It is so bad that the Fed can no longer raise rates without exposing the economy to bankruptcy.  The world’s top oil companies, communist China, Asia and socialist Europe’s economies are also kaput.

Exposed at the tip of this bankruptcy nightmare is the most vulnerable community in the U. S. economy, African Americans, even if sales in the U. S. somehow miraculously improved. That’s why African Americans need to organize self-empowerment zones that recycle the money they spend back into the hands of the people who spent it. That’s called self-empowerment and it can only be found in a free market system, without the crony capitalism of partisan politics. Since this system currently does not exist, enterprising self-help African Americans will have to build it.


Providing a deep dive into topics not readily available in high school or college, a unique series of empowerment online webinars will allow potential business online entrepreneurs and those who want to develop their social media technology skills, primarily in network marketing, to pursue their passions, interact with professor Tony Brown, a Black history icon himself (“Television’s Civil Rights Crusader,” according to Black Enterprise magazine) and the creator of “the most complete and thoughtful record of African-American opinion” in existence, Tony Brown’s Journal, the award-winning and top rated national TV series for 40 years that still fosters self-empowerment at www.TonyBrownsJournal.com.

This dean emeritus of Hampton University’s journalism and communications school, as well as professor and the founding dean and professor at Howard University’s School of Communications, will personally guide you through this unique learning and educational experience in the integration of online social media and network marketing and the establishment of much-needed online businesses, with a focus on the recycling of the rapidly growing annual $1-trillion spending power of African Americans (the 10th richest nation in the world) back into their own pockets.

Your marketing product? A collection of nearly 1,000 streamed classic videos on various aspects of Black history and Black affairs, designed to bring public awareness and pride in African ancestry, as well as extra income. This knowledge is a requirement for the successful development of a healthy people and the accumulation of wealth.

The push to link enterprise-minded people with like-minded people across the globe via new streaming technology is driven by Brown’s desire to turn enterprising individuals throughout the world into innovative online global free-market zones of opportunity that are available to the average person. But you must do for self and you must seize the moment and you must accept responsibility for yourself.

Of course, Tony Brown is of the opinion that if one watches all of the nearly 1,000 videos in his streamed video collection that you could accumulate the equivalency of a Ph.D. degree in Black history and Black affairs.

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