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“Liar, liar,” Vicki Kirby. I never suggested that Blacks or anyone else vote for Donald Trump, or anyone else. I stated that all voters should be guided by a quid-pro-quo equalizer. I’m independent minded, not a slave to the Democrat Party. And there is no such thing in the African-American culture as an obligation to vote for a “congenital liar,” as the famous writer, William Safire, called Hillary Clinton.

     “I TOLD YOU SO.” Click ( for details on “how two weeks before the Nov. 8, 2016 election, I predicted that underdog Donald Trump would be our next President.”   Voters turn against government corruption. 8% of Blacks voted for Trump; Up from 6% for Romney in 2012. Biggest Political Upset in history can lead to equality and prosperity for all Americans. Barack Obama legacy undone by voters.

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 No historical period could be any more prepared for major change and a crumbling of this racist political system than the 2016 election -- if Blacks would just be guided by logic, rather than an emotional attachment to crooked, lying politicians in both political parties, they could progress.