Featured this week on TonyBrownsJournal.com: CHANCELLOR WILLIAMS, historian and author of “The Destruction of Black Civilization”

The Destruction of Black Civilization took Dr. Chancellor Williams 16 years of research and field study to compile. The book is premised on the question: "If the Blacks were among the very first builders of civilization and their land the birthplace of civilization, what has happened to them that has left them since then, at the bottom of world society, precisely what happened?”

Dr. Williams’ research was a quest for some specific answers to very specific questions. Some of those were: How did all-Black Egypt become all-White Egypt? What were some of the specific details in the process that so completely blotted out the achievements of the African race from the annals of history – just how could this be done on such a universal scale? How and under what circumstances did Africans, among the very first people to invent writing, lose this art almost completely?

These questions and many more are answered in my two-part interview with Dr. Chancellor Williams this week on TonyBrownsJournal.com.


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 This week on TonyBrownsJournal.com

TBJ #803 – AFRICA’S DOWNFALL” – PART 1: Dr. Chancellor Williams, widely-acclaimed historian, continues his discussion with Tony Brown as to why Africans, the first builders of civilization in the cradle of world civilization were so easily toppled.

TBJ # 505 – How Black Civilization Was Destroyed and Why did it happen? – PART 2: Dr. Chancellor Williams, widely-acclaimed historian, explains his soundly-researched theory as to why Africans, the first builders of civilization in the cradle of world civilization and the discoverers of mathematics, writing, sciences, engineering, medicine, religion, fine arts and the builders of the great pyramids, were so easily toppled.

TBJ # 515 -- Benjamin Banneker: Truth to Power: Imagine being Black and a slave in the 1700s and becoming a self-taught surveyor who played a pivotal role in planning the layout of our nation’s capitol, Washington, DC, and inventing a clock in 1753.  In 1791 alone, Benjamin Banneker completed the survey of Washington, DC, published his first almanac and confronted one of the nation’s founders, Thomas Jefferson, about his doctrine of Black inferiority.

TBJ #2421 – Did Blacks Spark White Civilization? Were the Egyptians Black or White?  Are Black Americans linked to the Nile Valley civilization and why is that important? Are some Black scholars distorting history to make Black people feel good? Richard Poe, journalist and author, shares his answers.

TBJ #2114 – “AFRICAN VERSUS EUROPEAN CULTURE”:  Afrocentric historians have challenged the Eurocentric world-view of African history and culture.  In his newest work, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, author of The Afrocentric Idea, boldly confronts critics of Afrocentric theory.