For All People, Black, White or Otherwise, Who Want To Learn The Truth About The History of the Human Race, Black History Is The Starting Point

Using Dr. Chancellor Williams’ epic book, “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” we must conclude that African Americans will ultimately have to solve the following predicament: “How do we start and ultimately accomplish a worldwide self-empowerment movement that is embedded in economic independence that will free us in our own land.

This new focus will reverse the current stagnation and retardation of African Americans. It will also restore pride, dignity and a knowledge of history that will serve as a substitute for the current rancor, bitterness and political hostility that is preventing economic development and educational progress for everyone. These positive changes will allow all Americans to live peacefully side by side and enjoy and defend this great land. That is the challenge of this first Tony Brown’s Webinar On Self-Empowerment. Click here ( to register to receive FREE information.


Money is the power in the earthly world. The gold in the Black-controlled gold region of ancient Nubia was ancient Egypt’s source of power and drove its domestic prosperity, including powerful armed forces to protect its population. Let us use this history of Black people as a prologue for their future, and applying Dr. Chancellor Williams’ 1987 iconic book as the blueprint and we just might end up with the answer to centuries of inequality, racial hatred and acrimony. Neither segregation, mutual annihilation, integration or the Civil War could accomplish that Sisyphean Feat, because of the pattern of dependency that slave owners deliberately implanted in the Black slave psyche over 300 years ago as a means of control.

Therefore, the major issue for Black’s today should logically be: self-empowerment.


“We’ve fought too hard for what we have, and we’re not going to let it go,” said one anxiety-filled American Caucasian who seems to have been systemically miseducated by his-story and psychologically programmed to believe that poor character, immorality and low-education performance among Blacks is caused by a dark-skin complexion, i. e., African ancestry.

In fact, there is a much safer way to survive and a better way to prosper than group warfare and racial hatred. And it’s the one flag that the majority of modern African Americans have unfortunately rejected. Since the time of the pharaohs, when Nubia, conqueror of ancient Egypt in 730 B. C. and when the troops commanded by King Piye of Nubia stormed the great walled capital of Memphis, history records that fact. Piye, for example, modeled himself after powerful Pharaohs such as Ramses II (see the statues in the National Geographic picture above), claiming to be the rightful ruler of Egypt. His triumph over the northern chiefs would ultimately unite all of Egypt under Nubian rule for three-quarters of a century.

Which takes us back to the power of Nubian gold. All things considered, the fundamentals suggest that African Americans at this stage in history would also be on a level playing field – if more of them understood the history of their ancestry, while avoiding the mistakes of the past that are so eloquently laid out in Dr. Chancellor Williams’ book. That’s the main reason that his book should be adopted as the blueprint foundation for a purposeful, corrective vision to execute a viable strategy to help contemporary Blacks compete economically and earn the equality that many African Americans so famously seek, and to see crony capitalism and partisan politics as a distraction, at best.

Perhaps, if Blacks played their gold hand right, they might even gain an advantage in the primary environmental institutions of social and economic control. Apparently the first step in that trip around the world would be a nucleus of independent-minded, economic-oriented African Americans who united around their awesome $1,000,000,000,000 annual purchasing power (which makes this cohort of African Americans the 11th richest nation in the world).


Central banks around the world are already plagued by paltry growth and unsettled markets, The Wall Street Journal reported on page 1. In other words, the global money system is falling apart – and the year of its anticipated demise – 2032 – was recently announced by the Brookings Institution’s prestigious Hutchins Center on February 5, 2016. Speculation has also centered on an earlier 2016 recession, caused by “economic turmoil in countries like China and Brazil and supercheap oil that could somehow combine to drag down the mighty United States economy.” That’s what The New York Times reported on February 5, 2016.

Under the circumstances, extra income like the $150 each Affiliate of the Affiliate Program receives for every annual subscription he or she secures or $15 for every monthly subscription he or she brings in looks pretty good – and it is a good first step toward making your neighborhood more secure and you more self-reliant and confident.

This plan is contrary to the current delusional strategy of the pacified segment of Blacks who are content with waiting for an ill-fated White majority or a political party to provide them with a plethora of welfare umbrella benefits and social entitlement programs that confer economic and social equality – out of the goodness of their hearts.

And, blocks away, you can now hear these prideless Blacks rejoice in song with “I’ve got plenty of nothing and nothing is plenty for me” from a tune penned specifically for them by the White composer of Porgy and Bess.

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FUTURE WEBINAR TOPICS:  More exciting webinars on Black and ancient history will include: Black Hollywood Back In The Day; America’s Black Air Force (During WWII); and the works of the famous historian J. A. Rogers.


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