I never found, during this experience in an earthly body, true happiness in a socio-psychological relationship with a woman, the only gender that attracts my intimate essence, but I did find my ultimate happiness in a search for the reality of the truth of the universal/cosmology in which I exist.

Therefore, I consider my discovery of the purpose of life – love – to be its highest honor and its greatest reward.

My theory is that its essence, the very life forces of the universe/cosmological infinity of universes, which I suspect we successively inhabit in our personal return back to our spiritual origin as pure spirit, but are programmed to anticipate as death. For some of us this may be the beginning (birth) of our trip back home, and subsequently to the highest plane of spiritual self-empowerment in the life ellipse that we can achieve during our eternal spiritual life. For those evolved spiritual forms who ultimately become a part of The ALL of everything that exists or that has ever existed learned to love, there is no end. And the pain of life has ceased, I believe.

The purpose of our trip back to this earthly portion of the life ellipse, after the death of our physical body (rather than the dangerous notion of perpetual and successive reincarnations that contradict the spiritual evolution of the soul on its return back home to its place of origin before the universally-embraced Big Bang explosion 13.7 billion years ago).  Perhaps, at this point, it is then fulfilled. And, perhaps, that’s when the promise of love, which is another four-letter word for eternal life, kicks in. Just speculating.

This outcome of completing the life ellipse and the natural law of cause and effect, for me, represents the fundamental promise of eternal life.

Therefore, we can attain a result of life (love) that exceeds our wildest expectations because it is always forgiving and gives us a second chance whenever we need it. Now that’s love in any language.

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