When confronted with the need for logical evidence of his existence, circa 1642, René Descartes, the French mathematician and philosopher, was forced to certify his own existence. His response was to develop the most famous dictum in the history of philosophy: "I think, therefore I am." It was a radical solution to the radical doubt, spread by the ancient Greek Skeptics: "How can we be certain that anything we know is true?"

Descartes began his process of rebuttal by doubting the evidence of his own senses of intelligence. Therefore, he questioned the veracity of whatever "knowledge" his senses provided, such as the size of the sun or the distance to an object. In that way, he "arrived at his only certainty - he knows that he exists, because someone must be thinking his doubting thoughts." In other words, Descartes proved his existence with: "I think, therefore I am." The only empirical evidence that he could find for his existence was the acknowledgment in the minds of others that he existed. I (My Self) exist in the cycle that we identify as life which began before time and when the spirit (energy) "died" (transformed) because it was "born" (transformed) into matter.

Matter (visible and invisible) is, at its core, waves or bundles of energy and energy cannot be produced or destroyed, according to Nature's First Law of Thermodynamics. Therefore, all things sentient (human) and nonsentient (animals and plants) are transformed as states of consciousness to the respective dimension appropriate to its state of awareness, i. e., the ultimate reality suitable to its spiritual evolution and growth.

You and I are both still within our dense bodies of matter, but we are, hopefully, further down the pathway than we were as children toward discovering and completing the mission we were cosmically assigned when Self entered matter. When Self withdraws from the body, the body "dies" and is transformed back into its fundamental elements. Simultaneously, the Self transitions to a mental experience, suitable to its state of awareness.

I am now in phase two of my give-back phase, the final one, of my life cycle. It also explains that I have evolved beyond the "give-back" phase of my previous earthly understanding.

Social media and digital platforms are where my evolved state of awareness now exists. Eventually, digital technology will allow humanity to abandon the illusion of separation and the delusional choices that emanate from that belief and lead to altruistic self-sacrifice and suffering.

In recognition of the Ultimate Reality and the Law of Polarity that refutes the illusion of separation, I am confirming that "I think, therefore I AM" THE ALL. Everyone else is me -- behind a mask, my consciousness. Therefore, if I don't love you, I can't be loved, and nothing outside of My Self -- the Genie -- can make me happy.

Thank you, my friends, for making me happy and my existence an empirical reality.

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