Alex Haley, Eubie Blake, Frederick Douglass headline Tony Brown's Journal on Soul of the South TV Network -- Sept. 17 -- Sept. 21

MON., SEPT. 17 – TBJ #201 -- On The Stump With Alex Haley:  In many African societies the griot is the preserver of customs, achievements, philosophies and traditions of his people. An examination of the oral African tradition and a moving interview with Alex Haley – a modern-day griot – as he demonstrates this tradition in a spellbinding manner.

TUES., SEPT. 18     204 -- A Tribute to Eubie Blake:  An intimate chat with Eubie Blake as he performs his own brilliant musical legacy. This great entertainer’s life personifies the Black Experience on Broadway, beginning with his smash hit "Shuffle Along'' and near the end of his life with a Broadway tribute to him: "Eubie."

WED., SEPT. 19 – TBJ # 2201 – In The Words Of Frederick Douglass: In the 1960s, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the premier spokesman for the Black community, articulating the struggle for freedom and equality.  Rev. King carried on the tradition of another eloquent voice for Black progress and equality, Frederick Douglass.  This edition relives the Black struggle to achieve the American dream in pictures and dramatic reenactments.

THURS., SEPT. 20 – TBJ #1401 – Visions and The Struggle Of Old: 20 years of historical footage and interviews on issues, events and personalities that shaped the African-American community and the nation.


FRI., SEPT. 21 – TBJ #2902 -- Slavery’s Biggest Secret – Part 1: The answer to that question is one of many surprising facts about the history of slavery in America. Journalist Anne Farrow, co-author of “Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery,” exposes the role of the North in the growth of slavery and institutionalized racism in America.

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