The recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri were a repetition of the same pathology among Blacks that I experienced as a young man in Detroit in the 60s. Blacks destroyed their own neighborhoods.

The infamous 1968 Detroit riots and the mostly young angry Blacks who burned their own homes, businesses and neighborhoods was a big factor in the 2014 bankruptcy of the Detroit municipal government and its collapsed economy. There is no reason to believe that today’s rioters in Ferguson, Missouri and the other riotous communities who are using this self-destructive mode will not succeed in the 2014 destruction of Black civilization in urban Black America. Both Black America and America will ultimately collapse under the weight of this misguided leadership of historical ignorance.

Every serious student of Black history knows how to avoid letting your mouth get your ass in trouble, something that the Black and White rioters and White anarchists who are burning up American cities once again are using to perpetuate their own perverted political agendas.

I was in Detroit, Michigan in the 60s when Black rioters literally burned Black progress to death. Detroit never recovered, and its once prosperous future now lies in the ashes of rage, self-inflicted economic wounds and political graft – not White racism. The Motor City may never return to its former glory, unfortunately. And it is now the inglorious American symbol of the failure of Black governance and prosperity.

If Black people go down that road again, with Ferguson, Missouri as its new epicenter of self-destruction, it will doom yet another generation of Black people to an accelerated downward spiral of poverty, crime, illiteracy and dysfunctional families. And, it will also freeze the cycle of self-destruction into a permanent future for African-American youth.

I am a Black objectivist, loyal only to logic and reasoning and rational conclusions. Fairness and justice are the front-line victims of impulsive behavior and, in the current iteration, neither Blacks nor Whites will prevail because fear of one another will continue to control their lives.

Before you make the wrong choice, look into the future by examining the past history of the self-inflicted wounds made by Blacks against their own past history of post-slavery progress and the forgotten art of self-help and pride in themselves.

Before you embrace this suicidal path and confuse it with self-improvement. Look back at the past through the lens of the Tony Brown’s Journal Black affairs television series that was on the scene recording the events in real time – and the grim consequences of this self-destructive syndrome of violent protest that gained momentum in the 60s.

Look at the film footage here and decide if this is the future you want for yourself and your children. 

Looking back at the Tony Brown’s Journal specials, it is apparent that rioting exacerbates the already dire condition of Black America. Before anyone goes down that road again, they should carefully examine the consequences of their actions. Actions have consequences. You decide.

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Defend yourself with knowledge not senseless violence, and lead humanity toward the Light.