TBJ #1701 - Vitamins: Is the Issue Choice?  This program examines the debate regarding the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new rule that any health claims regarding vitamin and mineral supplements must be backed up by “significant scientific agreement.” Critics of the FDA’s new regulations claim that the ruling would eventually requires a doctor’s prescription for a simple vitamin or herb, effecting nine of 10 supplements currently available. The FDA says that eight of 10 supplements now on the market would not be affected.

TBJ #2024 – A Health Explorer -- Dr. Allen Counter, a Harvard neuroscientist, combines his anthropological and medical interests to combat the health problems of isolated indigenous groups: descendants of Matthew Henson and Admiral Perry in Greenland, villagers in the Andes whose children suffer from the world's highest levels of lead poisoning, and African descendants in South America who have lost contact with their ancestors' cultures.

TBJ #2307 – “IS CLEANLINESS NEXT TO GOOD HEALTH?” Scientist Ken Seaton believes that statistics showing an increase in the disparities between the health of the affluent and the poor, such as life expectancy, cancer and diabetes, are due largely to hygiene.  He says that lower socioeconomic groups can close the health gap with the more affluent groups by raising their albumin level through better hygiene. 

TBJ #2918 – MENTAL HEALTH: A Talk With a Brilliant Mind. While soaring professionally, pioneering journalist and author Barbara Reynolds almost drowned in a private hell of the demons from her past -- abandonment by her mother, incest, longing for the children she did not bear, job discrimination and a bad marriage that ended with the murder of the other woman.  That’s what her new book, Out of Hell, Living Well: Healing From the Inside Out, is all about.