race no longer importantThere's no doubt that America's demographics are changing.
According to a report by the Huffington Post, a new study by the Pew Research Center has showed how American perceptions of race have shifted to a more nuanced view.
A majority of respondents even viewed President Obama as being "mixed-race" as opposed to being Black, changing from the hard-lined "One-Drop" rule used so often to construct racial boundaries.
But even as America is becoming "browner," educator Annie Barnes says racism is still a major factor in our society.
"I would like for Whites to become more aware about how racism affects Blacks," Barnes says. "If Whites and Blacks are to work side by side Blacks to have to think about their labor, as well as contending with the racist experience," she adds.
" The silent racists do not want to come out...If you are silent you are just as much a racist as the blatant racist. If you can get the silent racist to join the non-racist then we would have a better society," Barnes says.
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