I think my friend Terry Allen made a great decision when he gave up coffee some time ago. At that time, he pointed to his need to reduce stress, which plays a role in many, many diseases. This decision now opens the door to a true benefit.

Since he is giving up the taste-bud satisfying, stress-inducing, free-radical disease enabler and carcinogenic-ally drug known as coffee/nicotine, he might want to consider a health-enhancing substitute drink – that, ironically, tastes like coffee – that routinely tricks the physical senses that light up the pleasure area of the brain into good behavior that results in good health.

Instead of, perhaps, slowly killing yourself with coffee, I strongly suggest that you supplement your diet and extend your life with healthy nutrients that feed your body and not just excite your taste buds. In other words, we need to sublimate eating only for pleasure because of a passion-energy into a beneficial form, e. g., healthy green tea.

In October 1992, The Life Extension Magazine published an article, “The Health Benefits of Green Tea,” stating that “with the exception of water, Green Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world, especially in China, Korea and Japan.”  It also stated that “Green Tea may be one of the most potent disease preventing substances known.”

Green tea is considered one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. Besides its ability to improve circulation, it can help stabilize blood sugar and combat underlying causes of cancer. But it's not just that green tea is healthy -- it can reduce your risk of dying! A decade of meticulous research evaluated hundreds of thousands of people in relationship to their dietary habits. The results showed that the higher the consumption of green tea and its polyphenol constituents, the lower the overall risk of dying from any cause. This longevity benefit is especially pronounced in older populations. Green tea combats many underlying processes that contribute to premature aging and disease.

In fact, green tea has so many benefits (which you might want to research) that, along with extra virgin olive oil mixed with curcumin powder and quercetin powder, may be Nature’s penicillin – especially if you are taking a statin drug, with its dangerous side effects.

Just recently, in an article entitled, “Green Tea Reduces Mortality,” The Life Extension Magazine reported: “Green tea and its compounds have demonstrated compelling benefits in basic science and animal studies. A recent barrage of studies has confirmed that people who consume green teas are significantly less likely to die from all cause put together.

“Green tea and its extracts exert remarkable anti-mortality effect by reducing the risk of developing fatal chronic diseases, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, obesity and diabetes, and cancer, as well as other conditions that predispose us to an early death, like tooth and gum disease.”

The Life Extension Magazine ended its report by saying: “Green tea extracts should be considered an essential part of an overall strategy to extend life and evade disease.”

I take two capsules of powered decaffeinated green tea extract in eight ounces of hot water and one capsule of EGCG green tea leaf extract (green tea’s main ingredient) orally at the same time. I repeat this regimen two times per day. However, because this therapy works for me does not mean that it will work for you or anyone else because no two humans have the same body chemistry. I strongly advise that you read up on these herbal extracts and green tea.

Furthermore, you should consult your doctor to make sure green tea does not interfere with your medications or health condition.

Tony Brown’s Journal believes that an informed public is an empowered public.  I hope I can be helpful by sharing the little I know and the knowledge that has worked for me.

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