This blog is to share my recent epiphany about the end of my Earthly life.

Around 50 years of age, the Soul/Self and genie begin the long process of withdrawal from the physical body. When this process is completed, the physical body “dies.” What happens next? I believe that I know and I have put it in a book form that includes a graphic illustration of what I call “The Life Ellipse” or the 10 stages of our Eternal Lives – of which four come after the physical death of the body. 

I have known since my birth that my goal was to somehow get into heaven. I was never taught how to get in and I did not find the key in religious instruction or how this heaven worked.  So I subjected myself to self-help, the process I rely on most.

My research was augmented about a month ago, when in a dream state, I found myself the guest of honor as I traveled over a serene, beautiful landscape in the air – without benefit of an airplane. It was a euphoric experience that I had as I was honored by what seemed to be multitudes in a procession in a vast Asian-Indian land in my honor. I was reminded of the many planes of spirit experience that I have read about in books on the subject of the Afterlife. I wondered if this was it and how it could be happening to me. This out-of the-body experience (near death experience, NDE) convinced me that I cannot get into nirvana without a Realization of my Self.

After all, I would have perceived this dream state in a physical body as death or the Western concept of the end of human matter. My conscious awareness was foremost and I was free of both gods and devils. I was pure Self or Cosmic Ego.

This heavenly trip was my first conscious experience for Realization of my genie of Self. Hopefully, if my objective logic is correct, I have been given the first key to the kingdom of The ALL.

The eternal awareness human consciousness, the original state humans were born into, I believe, is both our original state in the cosmos and our Eternal Self. This state of advanced consciousness was called by the Ancient Masters, “the genie” (genius) and every human uses it as the essence of the human Self. Whatever it is called Self or genius or genie – may have entered humans at the Big Bang Explosion 13.7 billion years ago when the Earth was formed by subatomic particles. Perhaps, this is the God within each of us.

What is happening to me, as I perceive it, is that while my spirit is still in a body, I have arrived on the outskirts of a spirit realm or a nirvana.  This is heaven in the world of Buddhism. If that is true, I have reached, as the Buddhists teach, a state of spiritual Realization and if that logic is true, I have Realized my Self as a Buddha.

In the objective world, I am still Tony Brown at birth and the evolutionary result of my years on the Earth plane. I still face Purgatory on an astral cleansing plane and rebirth as a Spirit in Eternal Life on a heavenly plane.

In the meantime, I still have the emotional connection from my attachment to a cognitive state which, via my brain, holds me captive to suffering and pleasure. That will pass when I have passed my heavenly test. My Realization of Self, as witnessed in what we know as the dream state, is my proof of passage from life to Eternal Life, which is commonly known as death.

It seems that a few of us break free and in a final state of Realization, embrace an Eternal Life of wisdom and peace – we become a part of the consciousness of The ALL.  I hope that my recent dream experience is suggesting that I am on the right road which will further suggest that my dream experiences are well founded in the Reality of the Cosmic Universe.

By the way, only a good life full of love can open the gates of Eternity.