Protect Your Family With “Watch God Work Day”

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After all of the protesting and violence over the last five years to stir up people about the gaps in income inequality, Blacks are still the poorest of the poor and Whites are now officially on notice of the imminent economic destruction of White civilization.

“Federal regulators say five of the biggest banks in the U. S. failed to develop adequate plans for how they might reshape themselves in case of bankruptcy, which could leave them unable to survive without another taxpayer bailout,” Associated Press reported April 14, 2016.

Perhaps, the world’s top financial official, Maurice Obstfeld, chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), warned the spring meeting of the IMF, the World Bank and the Group of 20 major economists this week that the entire global economic system was fragile and on the brink of a financial collapse.

This includes, of course, a series of draconian events that could undercut, among a host of international disasters, U. S. and European political and economic stability. This “urgent warning” carried the weight of the already observable events from every region of the global economy, especially, China’s sharp slowdown and a sharp deceleration in U. S. growth since late 2015.

This ugly and dangerous economic recessionary chill across the more prosperous areas of the U. S. will likely impact its densely-populated permanent Black areas like an Asian tsunami. In other words, when Whites catch a cold, Blacks get pneumonia.

Once again we have evidence that money, not skin color, is the key to survival. That’s why this blog focuses on how self-empowerment Blacks can lead their community away from the almost certain devastation (Click here to receive FREE information on how your business can participate.)  of the IMF prediction by building and supporting its own economic base in four easy steps, beginning with a declaration of “Watch God Work,” the divine right of self-empowerment among Black people that should start in Black churches.

4 Things You Can Do

Here’s my simple, four-step voluntary program to help ourselves:

  1. Talk to your Pastor about the possibility of declaring a “Watch God Work Day” in your church and promote it. (Click here and register to receive FREE information on “Watch God Work Day” on Sunday, June 12, 2016.) Ask the members of your church and your friends to spend money with these firms that self-identify as Black-owned that will be listed on my website (
  1. Circulate and only use the official list of businesses that the website has vetted and because the businesses have voluntarily promised to support reasonable and relevant Black community self-empowerment efforts. (Click here to receive FREE information on how your business can participate). My website ( will publish and periodically update this official list of businesses that are committed to helping to rebuild our community. All we ask is that you give them a chance to earn your loyalty and trust.
  1. Ask consumers to make a best-effort attempt to give consideration to these self-empowerment businesses that are concerned about Black people, if they find the prices and conditions acceptable.
  1. Join this effort to organize a movement that can facilitate the recycling of the annual $1,000,000,000 spending power of the Black community back into the hands of Black people and support self-empowerment in the Black community. We currently spend approximately 3 percent of our money with each other while many other ethnic groups recycle an average of 80% within their own ethnic environment. Earn income at no cost, if you choose, for yourself and your church, at the same time as an Affiliate by clicking to register to receive FREE information.

If this plan is followed and the Black community is unified enough to provide an economic foundation for  its own growth, the intent of all enemies, internal and external, Black, White, Yellow or Brown, will be blunted.

Marcus Garvey might even receive you with a righteous “Right On!”