Now might be a good time for African-American parents to show the nation just how smart they are by producing (not just giving birth to) America’s most productive citizens.

Instead, the American Black population is largely perceived as being a bunch of innate losers who refuse to help themselves while surrounded by opportunity and plenty.

The extent to which that prevailing perception is accurate is debatable, despite statistics that confirm a collective Black failure of the Black population in income generation and the source of increase, which is job skills.

Do you think that the African-American men who are killed by the police are solely victims of racism? If so, then ignore the fact that Blacks (13 percent of the population) are about 49 percent of all the nation’s murder victims – and 93 percent of those victims were killed by other Black people.

Evidence does confirm that even when Blacks spend, 98% of it (a $1,000,000,000,000 annual GDP), is spent with people who avoid Blacks socially and spend 80% of their own ethnic group income with European-American communities.

Taken together, all of this means that, legally and by choice, Blacks voluntarily live on only 2% of their enormous income, which is equal to the 11th largest nation in the world. The math is irrefutable. In light of those facts, it is evident that the lack of grit, not White racism, plays the central role in Black economic and educational failure in America.

And in this context, grit is the cure for what ails Black families. So what is “grit”? Grit is a character trait, and your character is your destiny, specifically these character traits of your personality that are known as self-discipline, determination and resilience, as grit is loosely defined. IQ always helps you move the ball down the field and money works up to a point, but grit is the gift that keeps on giving. That’s why it’s what counts when it comes to making money and having a high IQ.

Therefore, ultimately, what Blacks think of Blacks is far more important than what Whites and others think of Blacks. That’s the true obstacle to Black progress.

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That’s why all children should be taught the character traits of objective reasoning, self-discipline, determination and resilience and a focus on making good choices: grit. That will enable them to develop self-respect and pride. Money and success inevitably follow grit. The false construction of race and the social empowerment of racialism are myths.