Q: Why did White slavers in the United States kill African slaves if they caught them trying to learn to read?

A: The slave owners had learned that if a Black learned to read, he or she might read a book about the true history of his ancestors who had invented mathematics and science and institutionalized learning in schools for mass and specialized learning, including the ancient mystery schools that preserved the inner meanings of a symbology has now codified the inner meanings of ancient symbols.

Sadly, today’s Black offspring have largely surrendered a proud legacy to conditioned mental state of dependency on social welfare programs. As a result, the current racial unrest in America is not simply the result of the absence of Black fathers from the home, rather it is also the natural outcome of a nation that unsuccessfully attempted to adopt delusional solutions to a natural phenomenon of cause and effect.  As a result, both Blacks and Whites are mis-educated. More mis-education and bigger budgets for schools that sustain the textbook mythology called American History only grows the current predicament into an exponential nightmare of unsustainable racial conflict.

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  • A Black Generation has already been lost to violence and drugs that is caused by a lack of knowledge of our ancestors and pride in African heritage because Black parents did not motivate their children with their own history

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My “History Of The Tuskegee Airmen, America’s Black Air Force In WWII” video blog essay reached 83,749 more people over the previous weeks’ time period.  After adding audience shares, the total audience reach for this blog was 4,520,743 in 6 ½ days. TonyBrownsJournal FB page jumped to 92,774 friends.

America has the choice of stepping back from the brink of self-destruction or embracing the common sense solution that gives the opportunity of self-empowerment to all of her citizens.

To everyone listed below who made comments about my recent Tuskegee Airmen blog indicating that they were looking for a way to enlighten their children, families, or even their classrooms, about Black history that is presently not being provided and without which future generations will be helpless to compete as confident, productive citizens in American society – and not just complain. I suggest a simple five-step plan you can do on your own – something society and the schools obviously do not plan to do for you.

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You can start a home schooling program in your neighborhood and teach children and friends Black history by using “The Black Eagles,” a 4-part series (#605, #606, #607 and #608) and/or the 1,000 Black history videos from the Tony Brown’s Journal Video and Film collection streamed to your computer, home or on your mobile device. That will avoid depending exclusively on the school system.

TonyBrownsJournal.com can stream nearly 1,000 video lessons into your home or office computer or your mobile device 24/7. These streamed videos (lessons) are vital to the development of every child of every part of the human family, which descended from what is now called Africa.

Parents, you must take matters into your own hands. All you have to do is:

  1. Click here (tonybrownsjournal.com/purchase) and subscribe so the nearly 1,000 videos can be streamed into your home 24 hours a day so you and your children can look at them on your home computer over and over again until everyone is educated and motivated enough to help your community improve itself.
  1. Each one Teach One. Spread the information to all of your friends and tell each one to teach one with a subscription to the Tony Brown’s Journal Collection of 1,000 historic video lessons. When possible, work in groups and assemble and discuss each lesson/video and, if you want, test one another until everyone understands the material.
  1. Start your home learning with The Black Eagles 4-part series by subscribing and having it streamed into your home so you and your family can start the process of self-empowerment by educating yourselves.
  1. Repeat the process with another group of young people, friends and family.
  1. Show them the Black Eagles on your home computer.

All you have to do is click here (www.tonybrownsjournal.com/purchase) and subscribe ($29.99 per mo.) to the Tony Brown’s Journal Video and Film collection with its nearly 1,000 videos which have been described by one archivist as “the most complete and thoughtful record of African-American opinion.” You and your family can view the iconic and historic episodes anytime you want, whenever you want, day or night to show and guide your family into a broader knowledge of the contributions that Black Americans have made to defend America, build her economy and all of her institutions.

The government has demonstrated that it will not provide adequate information on the subject of Black history or use its institutions to spread the history that is so vital to the motivation of Black children so they can feel good about themselves and be confident enough to develop the job skills necessary to advance in this technology-driven society.

The protest marches have demonstrated that protesting and begging alone has neither produced many better-educated nor educationally-prepared Black youth for a digital-based workplace. We are past the point of asking for help and waiting for aid that never comes. It is time for each one to teach one. And I’m asking you to help others.

Click here www.TonyBrownsJournal.com for a FREE Tony Brown’s Journal Video & Film Catalog of video lessons that your family can privately use to educate itself about the history of its Black ancestors, including those six who “passed” and became Presidents of the United States of America (TBJ Show #111 – Has America Had 5 Black Presidents?”) centuries before Barack Obama was erroneously declared “The First Black President” – simply because his mother had been declared “White” by an arbitrary system of classifying human beings. “Bi-racial” is just another man-made false social construction to classify a human race of Black origin.

For a list of the video lessons from the Tony Brown’s Journal Legacy: A Search For The Truth With Synopses of 1,000 Historic Titles from Tony Brown’s Journal, America’s #1 Black-Affairs TV Series on National Television for 40 years, visit www.TonyBrownsJournal.com and download the FREE catalog, then subscribe (www.TonyBrownsJournal.com/purchase) and have the access to the entire iconic collection streamed to your home or office computer or mobile device 24-7 anywhere in the world an Internet Connection is available. The time is now.

Let TonyBrownsJournal.com do the teaching in your home, your office or on your mobile device for a Black history education.

For example, one of America’s most famous figures: J. Edgar Hoover (TBJ Show #2320 – “WAS J. EDGAR HOOVER BLACK? THE QUESTION THAT WON’T DIE”) By American cultural standards and practices, one drop of blood of African ancestry makes an individual 100% Black. If so, since that is the conventional American standard for racial classification, was J. Edgar Hoover, the infamous founding director of the FBI, passing for White?

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SPECIAL SAVINGS!!  GET THE ENTIRE “America’s Black Eagles” 4-part series on DVD for only $29.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.  Click here to order: www.TonyBrownsJournal.com/purchase.