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The following comments are in response to my December 15, 2018 blog post, “Tony Brown’s Journal Turns A New Page On The Internet For The Next Season: From Benjamin Banneker To Charles Barkley:”

Ryan Muhammad “Personal responses based upon emotional feelings have no constructive basis or value in community development. Therefore, the question is whether the statement being asserted is true or is it false. Either it's a valid argument or wasted energy. Mr. Barkley's personal life and his basketball sports analyst commentary career is irrelevant to the issue. Liberal conservative politics, without economic substance for negroes over the past 60 years is the issue. Not Sir Charles.”

Sam Gipson Time for emancipated people to support emancipated people forget politics

Reggie Moore Tony Brown did not write this. No way, the person who has done this has torn down Tony Browns intellectualism and legacy. What is wrong with you?  Too even HAVE Charles Barkley NEXT to Banneker in a photo is an insult. The internet isn't good for Black people. ugh.

John Ledbetter Jr. Barkley can be misleading and a bit offensive, but he is 100% on this one and to set the record str8 he was a darn good basketball player. Ben Banneker was a gift from GOD taught
in the principles of Mali education the first University in the WORLD ask Aristotle, who robbed the temples.

E Allan Braithwaite Finally a fresh story!!

Sheila Hoskin Good points but both parties represent the carpetbeggars and scaliewags

TONY BROWN RESPONSEE Allan Braithwaite and Sheila Hoskin, try Tony Brown’s Journal program “Southern Slavery, Northern Lies – Part 1 and 2” (TBJ Show #2890 & 2903)

John Funches Barkley next to Banneker? False equivalency

Gerald R Woodard III He did a whole lot more! They say he had a photographic memory and the design of Washington dc is aligned with certain constellations.

Ogbonna Hagins One thing that Muhammad Ali said that is profound, that if a person thinks the same way at 50 as they did at 20, they wasted 30 years of their life. Charles Barkley is at least growing in the knowledge of who Afro Americans really are and what this system has not and is not doing for the Afro-American.

Colin D. Oliver I do agree however that he should not be mentioned in the same breath as Banneker who was not just an extraordinary black man but an extraordinary man period...

Kenny Vaughns Let's Not Go Crazy. We Who Know Charles's History Know He Is FAR from being A Black Influencer On The Level Of Benjamin Banneker. However, For Once He Got It Right.

Johnnie Lucas Sr. Some folks just won't pay attention. What the hell did Charles say? Pay attention to that.

Frey Hill Also after British burned down original capitol in War of 1812 Philadelphia he rebuilt capitol entirely from memory the entire Washington DC they forgot that too

Mamie Simmons Thank you, didn’t know that..

Karl Stricklin The 1970s movie a piece of the action starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier hit upon this Black hero's legacy..

Kelly Love Mr. Barkley is a hypocrite. He's for elected Democrats working to do for black folk

Derek Thomas Charles has also repeatedly stated that he is a Republican so I'm confused by his statements.

Amber Milton Well that will never happen black people and politrix is oil and water......

Mike Lewis I never heard Charles speak so candid about our rights.. He usually vague

Emmanuel Woods Thanks for your statement

Eric A Braxton the Hillary/ Sanders argument got us trump

Billie Thompson It appears that Charles Barkley is trying to get his black card reinstated!!! Your facts are on point sir Charles but I can't forgive you for degrading your race for So many years!! Please take several seats....

Bryan Fallon Democrats don't do nothing for Black folks but offer them. Checks. Quit siding with a party that originally wanted to keep u in slavery. Vote for the people that have your views not a party... My opinion

Tony Torres Keep the SWAMP filled Barkley us a self centered corporatist like Obama...yea he cares -- for a moment ..but listen to what Doug jones says..it is not all good..especially for retired people ...jones-barely beat a sex pervert, third party is the short answer in 2018..no dems or republicans in office..

James Harris He was a prince Paul mason too crazy

Shawn Taylor He was a true scientist

Eric Lane He's not the first black person to say that. I appreciate what Charles said. But please. Let's not go nuts!!

Thomas Nkovah Charles   Barkley needs to be humble

Vincent Ross Shawn Taylor

Vincent Ross Reina Laguerra

Rodney Kelley You may not like CB, but he's absolutely right! We have been pimped by the demoKKKrat party for 50 years too long. We vote for them and get scraps from the table in return! That must end

Slade Miller Democrats are the cause of the problems for black people.

Gma Hill Barkley speaks the truth we must hold the Democrats responsible because they are sitting on their hands when it comes to their constituents.

Abdullah Salahuddin Amen thank you Lord AMEN.

Herman Whing Congratulations DC & ATL

Gayle Robinson Barkley still is and every time he says something it makes me ill

Frey Hill You're welcome

James Broadnax Very informative thanks for the post

Lateris Aferondii Those British troops were freed slaves Royal Marines that torched the Capital building. The same hirelings and slaves Frances Scott Key wrote of in the National Anthem. He enjoyed seeing them being blown up by cannon artillery fire as he witnessed . Same stanza they omit now. #TakeaKnee

Emmon Kennedy I don't think that it is worthy to put Charles Barkley next to Benjamin Banneker. For any reason. Benjamin Banneker is a world-renowned self-made man Charles Barkley's a boot licking self-serving fat retired ugly bald headed mediocre former NBA player. I'm just saying

Daryl Johnson He may be a lot of things but a mediocre ball player was not one of them

Linnell Lilo Mac If you look at what Blacks want its the same ideals as Republicans

Bill Manley Democrats in general are afraid of Liberal Democrats, we need to do exactly what Barkley suggest, out with the the Hillarys and in with the Sanders of the world, it's the only way.

John Parks Another important wake-up call, like Michelle Alexander's article "Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve the Black Vote." Who keeps pushing the snooze button?

Stanley L Burl Barrack Nicholas. Burl OBurlyReggie BurlMarcus Smith

Greg Brightwell I applaud Charles statement, because it is exactly what we need.

Amira Saran CB made a 360...

Willie Moss Exactly,,,,,,,,,well said!!!

Frey Hill Hollar telling it like it is their sabotage of Obama got repubs control of house and Senate after that repubs sabotage everything he tried to do for common good of people

Carman Santiago What we need to do is take care of our self-educate our children, grow our food. Stop spending all our money with white people. Charles is married to a white woman I do know this he not all that concern about you or me

Greg Brightwell Wait my friend Carman Santiago  ...not all white people are out to get you.
And being in an interacial relationship, doesnt negate your blackness.
Im white, my wife is black. She is every bit as black now,as when we met 21 years ago....See More

Tamara Tate Carman Santiago just because he married a white woman does not mean he doesn't care about black issues. He's still a black man and his children are black/biracial.

Carman Santiago Tamara Tate not the only reason I said that. Won't go into details.

Carman Santiago Greg Brightwell this has nothing to do with you or your wife. And don't come to me with the BS.U see my mother is also a biracial person and delegate for Ohio. I personally meet Charles when living in AZ.And had white friends there. I said it for a reason. Jts

Carman Santiago I will think what I know about and don't response any longer. I don't care about Charles nor his white wife. He get around her and see.

Jim Browski White people always wanna quote Dr King.. But never quote his "I feel I may have integrated my people into a burning house" speech..stfu... Just cuz your wife is black doesn't mean you can speak on behalf of black people Greg Brightwell

Carman Santiago People here want to attack me about Sir Charles. But have you been in his presence. I say this because I had a friend that died white male Who Charles hired to run his business I. AZ the whole staff was white people. When he around white people he change. And he had money why don't he first do something for black people. So the next Felicia that comes for me. Honey don't let the name fool you. Cause it's really Vivian Nelson Prince family. And if I was not trying to be a good person. Tony Brown would have to shut down this. I'm not rude on people page. But step to my side. With nasty remarks and comments and you might get your feelings hurt real bad. Totally done with this. President Obama sister Maya is my friend. And had you been listening. That 8 years you should of used for complex education. Growing food your parents should of taught you that. And the list goes on.

Milton Woods You should have said it Carmen Santiago

Kevin Woods Carmen Santiago, it’s a slow process but some wake up at their own pace, not to force it, some will and some never will, either because of hate or love of a certain financial lifestyle.

Lamarshall Barnes Truth

Timothy Tillman Go Chuck!!


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